Top Seven Reasons to Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

It is amazing to talk about good health and longevity. It is very inspiring. For days, I've been reading about taking care of my health. I felt good about it. After all, health means wealth.

Last week, someone asked me about the reasons I eat more fruits and vegetables. I thought of sharing my fear of having dry skin and getting sick. I decided to share the negative effects of eating less fruits and vegetables. I always feel sluggish. My skin isn't good. To avoid these nasty things, let's talk about the top seven reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables.

1. May reduce disease risk

If you're trying hard to protect your body from any kind of disease, you also need to eat more fruits and vegetables. They're readily available to reduce the risk of many diseases, including high blood pressure, heart disease and more.

2. They're nutritious

We know that fruits are vegetables are very nutritious. They're rich in vitamins and minerals that will help you feel strong and healthy.

3. Fruits and vegetables are fun to eat

There are many ways to eat fruits and vegetables. My favorite way of preparing fruits is to use a blender and make fruit shake. In that way, I can use milk products and other tasty food products to enhance the flavor. Sometimes I add up dried nuts and top it off with little and colorful candies.

4. Good as natural snack

As nature's treat, eating fruits and vegetables is heavenly. It's easy to prepare and readily available for snacks. Don't forget to buy in the farmer's market and food fair to save money.

5. Convenient and easy to prepare

It is easy to find fruits and vegetables. They're very nutritious and are prepared in many forms such as fresh, canned, frozen,dried and packed as juice.

6. It has variety

Every season, there's a kind of fruit produced from the farm that you'll surely love. Personally, I like mangoes and avocado.

7. Low in calories and rich in fiber

I remember my friend in college. She had fruit diet to reduce weight. After a year, she looked gorgeous and in top shape after eating more fruits and vegetables. Don't hesitate to make your digestive system happy by eating these food produce everyday.

I know that you like eating fruits and vegetables, Share your experiences in the comments section.