Pretty Yellow Fashion Items

Many of us have a favorite website online. Based on our interests, we check some online portals to learn new things.

Polyvore is my favorite place online when I want to match clothes and accessories. With its mood board creation tool, I can create a look that I like based on my imagination. It's really a fun activity. It changes my mood from gloomy to happy.

Polyvore | T-shirt tops | Skater skirt | peep-toe pumps | princess earrings

Obviously, I like happy colors. Some of my favorite hues are chic neon and splatter of dark classy colors. It's perfect for contrasting outfits in a fabulous way.

By wearing pretty fashion items with yellow hues, it is easy to maintain a cheerful day. I am fond of matching ultra glamorous pieces with simple ones, just like what I had in my Christmas Wishlist for this year. The skirt can be changed to match the blouse. I just added it because of the classy design.