Tips in Choosing a Dermatologist

There are many dermatologists in the world. However, one practitioner differs from another in terms of educational background, training and perspective on treating patients. Some dermatologists are not active in continuing education such as short programs on laser in dermatology in a reputable school. It's not their priority. Others are learning new ways to treat their patients for purposes of complying requirements and professional standards. Many of the dermatologists are no longer effective and efficient in doing their jobs. Although many dermatologists have long time experience in the field of skin treatment, some of them are not take advantage of the latest technology to treat skin problems.

Since we need a dermatologist to treat skin health problems, it is essential to find the best one. Our goal is to find a dedicated, dependable, updated and amazing dermatologist in our area.

Choosing a Dermatology | Photo of a patient and dermatologist

Here are several factors that will help us find the best one.


We think it is important to choose an expert in the field of skin treatment. We should not feel ashamed to ask our prospects about their credentials.

Since not all dermatologists are the same in terms of educational background and history of practice, we should not lower our standards by taking someone we are unsure of. Some of the essential things to ask include their education, training, research orientation and experience in ensuring healthy skin for their patients.


Obviously, character is one of the most important factors in choosing a dermatologist. Each one of us, especially patients, deserves a dermatologist that is comfortable to work with and very accommodating. In other words, there should be balance between expertise and comfort as we ask a dermatologist for help.

Ability to teach

During treatment sessions, we expect our dermatologists to teach us valuable lessons on skin care. If a dermatologist is not willing to share knowledge, we are at loss.

In most cases, we learn the basics of skin care from our doctor. We want an honest set of prevention tips from our physicians. It includes basic education on having a healthy eating habit, exercise regimen and living a balanced life. After all, it's not about beauty that can be seen through the eyes. It's all about beauty inside out.

Willingness to investigate

For those who are looking for a dermatologist, choose someone who is willing to investigate on very essential health matters. The physician should be able to ask you questions about your skin and take the answers one by one for solutions. The dermatologist should be willing to record your answers, ask for follow-up questions and find results after giving the solutions. It's a lengthy process and a good professional relationship between the doctor and the patient is important.

Dermatology is a complex and vital part of medicine. It is not only about providing great skin after several treatments, but it also includes saving lives. For people who have experienced severe burns, they're expected to offer better treatment to restore the former healthy skin of the patients.

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