The Benefits of Buying Local Products Directly from the Farmers

Before I started preparing this post, I thought of remembering the days when I tried farming. I know how to plant sweet potatoes and other edible plants. It was fun to gather eggs and collect fruits in the farm.

When I was a kid, I have no idea that many people don't buy farm products directly from the farmers. When I started working in the metro, things changed. I no longer have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Now that I have another chance to be in the countryside again, I'll share some benefits of buying local products.

Local farmers help build a rural community. If local farmers are doing their job well, rural communities will continuously develop these days. Since local farming provides jobs to many people, everybody will benefit in the community. In that sense, farmers will no longer sell their lands for commercial development. Simply put, farmers help build strong local economy.

We can buy fresher farm products. Obviously, farm products are fresher and better in taste and quality. These products are shipped within 24 hours upon harvest so the freshness and quality is maintained. Usually, fresh fruits and vegetables are sweet and flavorful.

Consumption of local products helps to protect genetic diversity. When organic products became popular, many people buy directly from farmers. The common merchants nowadays usually sell products with longer shelf life, therefore sacrificing taste and freshness. Aside from that, some produce have grown to meet commercial standards that will will result to increase of genetic diversity.

Buying from local farmers helps to protect our environment. The shipping process is shorter compared to those sold with middlemen. It is one way to save energy and avoid waste. In buying directly from farmers, fresh fruits and vegetables are directly available to buyers. Usually, farmers offer their produce during weekends to ensure freshness and quality.

It is convenient and fun. Since buying in farmers' market is fun and convenient, many people love doing it. Sometimes they're enamored with many farmers selling snacks made of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some poultry products are already prepared as ready-to-eat items that makes shopping fun.

Have you tried visiting a farmer's market area? It's one of my hobbies lately. It's my way of supporting local farmers.