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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Do you have a major event today? Don’t worry. There are useful tips to quickly prepare for an unannounced party. After all, it is possible for invitations handed out hours before the gathering. Don’t forget to focus on looking glam and glowing despite having quick beauty fixes.

1. Choose a flattering dress

I've shared a post about this before, that it is important to keep a classic dress for unannounced parties. For style enthusiasts, keeping a little black dress is essential. If you love shopping, don't forget to buy something that will help you save time and money when you're stuck in a fashion rut. Let's say you only have three hours before an event, you should have something in your closet that's perfect for a gathering. Maybe, you can keep a flattering dress or a shift frock in preparation for such moments.

The dress that Lily Collins wore at this time
is not that flattering, but she handled it well. With her chic heeled shoes, she looks
stunning. [Daily Mail, photo]

2. Use a blush on to have a glowing look

In any event, you want to look rosy and glowing. It makes no difference if you're already excited for the event that makes you look glowing already. Use blush on to show off an amazing look.

3. Prepare your concealers

If you don't have time to prep your skin for an event, use concealers. Of course, your primary goal is to hide dark spots. When used with foundation, make sure it is lighter in color to define some parts of your face.

4. Wear chic heels

You can wear sky high heels to amp up your look for the event. These days, you can hardly see boring footwear designs for parties. It's time to wear those edgy pieces that you like to show off.

I didn't mention brands in each item because I want you to choose your own products. For a mesmerizing style, choose a classic look that will match with any occasion.



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