Loving Fashion the Denim Way

It's not difficult to wear off duty outfits. I am referring to simple pants and shirt combination, accentuated with chunky accessories. Of course, denim pants are popular for a dress down look. These days, chic street fashion lovers wear something simple out of classy items. It's not really showing off expensive items. The clothes you recently bought from thrift stores will do.

Personally, I love wearing denim pants because it goes well with different designs of blouses and shirts. However, I prefer to team it with light-hued top and heeled footwear. It adds elegance and style to the outfit. I am not too tall so wearing heels is important for me, especially when I wear pants.

Since you're wearing simple clothes to show off denim love, don't hesitate to amp up the look with elaborately designed jewelries. There are many accessories that will match with denim. If your blouse has deep neck design, or the neckline is low, wear chunky necklaces that will fill the neckline area. 

Lastly, experiment with skinny jeans once in a while. It's an interesting trend nowadays. To have a balanced look, wear loose top and chic accessories.