How to Wear Stylish Rings

We prefer style trends that have serious staying power in the world of fashion. Our purpose is to secure different ways to show off our personal style. In the world of accessories, wearing a ring is so easy. However, there are times that we fail to showcase the most amazing like. Why is that so? How can we do it properly?

It's not a problem, by the way. We just have to learn the tricks of wearing stylish rings without looking like a trying hard style protege.

If you're a fast learner, the following tips are easy to apply. I became inspired with Harper's Bazaar ideas on accessorizing, especially with the following photo.


1. Find your size. Check websites that have a list of ring sizes. Try it out. Make sure you're comfortable with your choice of accessory.

2. Take time to learn the differences of ring designs. There are different types of rings such as cocktail rings, bands, stackable pieces, wedding rings, precious jewel rings and semi-precious jewel rings. Each ring has a purpose. If you're preparing for a formal occasion, your choices are statement rings, bands, stackable rings and precious jewel rings. For casual wear, opt for bands and semi-precious rings.

3. Learn to mix and match accessories. Don't just wear rings for casual look. Learn to match it with your other accessories. To highlight your clothing pieces, make sure it has stones with the same colors of your clothes.

4. Be a risk-taker. You can break these rules. As long as you're comfortable with your attire, wear a ring of your own choice. After all, you know the basics. Avoid over-the-top accessories and ultra dramatic style. That's it.

By the way, don't purchase cheap mood rings for serious styling sessions. They turn your finger green. Purchase rings that you can wear more than once. They're useful for unannounced gatherings. In taking care of your items, prepare a clean and spacious organizer.