Fruit Diet for a Shapely and Healthy Body

My college years are all about school, extra-curricular activities and church-related events. I used to travel with my classmates. We also join tours in far away provinces through Rent a Car Philippines services. It's very exhausting for a student like me. I was too thin. During stressful hours, I easily get sick. My body cannot cope up with long hours of thesis preparation, reviewing lessons for examinations and other activities. Now that I value more of my health, I learn to eat right, exercise and have a good night's sleep.

For the whole day, we eat this food that I prepared before going to work. We had macaroni soup, mango and banana shake with bits of peanuts and bread.

When it comes to food intake, I am very conscious of what I eat. Luckily, I am good in preparing food. I like cooking. Recently, I researched for ideas to solve my fitness challenge - to get rid of excess fat in my belly in a natural way. I skipped lunch twice and had eaten sweet potatoes for dinner. Unfortunately, it didn't solve my dilemma. It became worse. For every time I skip meals, I tend to eat a lot later. The more I starve myself, the more I crave for more food. It was devastating.

I decided to try fruit diet. At least, I can now use our blender for a good cause. My husband liked what I prepared so far. It's a good thing that we live in an area that has a weekend bazaar of fresh farm products. I can stock up fresh fruits and vegetables.

I can say that fruit diet is perfect for me. I get to drink lots of water and increase my intake of fluids.