Fashion Pieces with Long Shelf Life

We know that our love for fashion won't fade easily. Being able to put up an amazing ensemble is always thrilling and interesting. However, there are times that we fail to keep fashion pieces with long shelf life. It's because we keep on searching for new trends and those items that are seasonal.

Here are fashion items that have long shelf life.

Little black dress. Coco Chanel believes that a little black dress is not seasonal. It is a classic attire that is useful for fashion lovers. If you're prepared for style emergencies, a little black dress is in your closet. For instance, you're invited to a cocktail party or a meeting-cum-party event in the workplace, it's the best choice as an attire.

Denim pants. Women love to wear denim pants. It's a classic clothing piece that is easy to wear and style. It's perfect for busy days and dress-down moments. It doesn't hurt if you pair it with heeled sandals to have a sophisticated yet effortless look.

Black maxi skirt. In your closet, keep a black maxi dress. This is useful for unplanned girl's night out. The fashion item can also be used to attend church meetings by pairing it with a colorful blouse and matching wedges. Choose a design that will create an illusion of great shape and body contour. There are maxi skirts that will give you a look with elongated and perfectly trimmed legs.

White t-shirt. Of course, white t-shirts are classic pieces. They're useful every time you're in the mood for shopping or visiting a friend. It's easy to style and comfortable to wear. It goes well with pants and blazers.

Black boots. For rainy days or not, boots are fabulous style pieces. They're perfect for mini dresses, casual wear and other suitable outfits. The footwear items, especially flat ones, are also perfect for walking. Think of Kate Moss's video of "These Boots are Made for Walking." Isn't it gorgeous?

Slacks or trousers. For those who are attending job interviews, slacks or trousers are very useful. Keep a perfectly designed trouser in your closet for such purpose. It can easily transform you from a style enthusiast to a corporate chic in an instant when paired with matching blouse and shoes. By the way, tailored trousers are the best pieces.

White or black blazer. These item is perfect for covering fabulous sleeveless t-shirts and blouses. They're style staple nowadays. For modest fashion clothing, it's the favorite style item to pull off a minimalist look.

Nude Pumps. We know that nude pumps are useful to have a glamorous look. Some sky-high nude heels are perfect for mini-dresses, chic frocks and other modish outfits.

Do you know other clothing items that have shelf life?