Faithfulness in Times of Trials

Who among us hasn't endured a harrowing experience? I am sure there's no one.

We are not excused with any of life's negative side, even if we know we're children of a very powerful Being. In times of trials, we have different reactions. Some people start blaming for their misfortunes. I've done blaming others for my own challenges. Others think it's better to commit suicide as an easy escape route. All of these reactions are not good. So how should we deal with misfortunes?

Faith is one way. It's faith that's more practical than taking negative recourse. I am not saying that it's an easy choice. It's not. Since faith, in simple terms, is believing on something unseen but is true, it takes a courageous soul to hold on to it.

During my scripture study, I learned that adversity is part of His plan for our testing and growth during mortality. I know that this is true. As a latter-day saint blogger, I'll stand firmly that He's here to help us go through life's journey.

It's true. We live in a perilous time. Many natural disasters visit our land. For we know that only Him understood all that has happened, and that He had endured many adversities while on earth, we have to believe that everything will be alright.

I am deeply inspired with Esther in ancient time, who had enjoyed divine aid for one particular moment. By fasting and prayer to overcome trials, she receive what she wanted at that time. She has found purpose in her life, when her cousin Mordecai asked her,"Who knoweth whether thou art come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?"