Comfortable Dress Down Look for Freelancers

As a freelance writer, I struggle with the right home office outfit everyday. Even if I work from home, I don't want to wear boring outfits. I want some color and chic designs for my off duty look.

When I work from home, I usually stay away from the computer every other 15 minutes to protect my eyes from overexposure. In doing so, I can play with the dog or scribble a menu plan for us.

During work breaks, I play with my dog Enzo.
He's very playful. In this photo, he felt betrayed
because of the photo taking thing. :)

As for my outfit, I prefer easy-to-wear skirts and light-colored blouses. I also like to wear flat shoes.

What are other comfortable dress down outfits for freelancers? Here are my suggestions through Polyvore.

A combination of white and green outfit for working from home is very comfortable. The color combination of this outfit is just simple. With less black and more green hues, you'll have a comfortable feeling while working.

In some cases, working from home is a boring activity. There's no one to cheer you up when you feel bored. To combat boredom, make your outfit more inspiring. A combination of black and yellow shades is a perfect way to have an inspiring moment. I like light colors so I added some must-have accessories.