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Duchess Kate dons Black Cocktail dress and Jimmy Choos Heels

Duchess Kate is one of the most popular best dressed women in high-society social gatherings. She has won the hearts of many style enthusiasts from around the globe. The lovely Duchess is also well-known with her recycled dresses and stunning ensembles.

Black Cocktail Dress | Daily Mail photo

Recently, the mother-of-one was spotted wearing a fabulous black cocktail dress. At the SportsAid SportsBall in London, Kate showed off the chic Temperely knee-length dress, which she teamed with a pair of black Jimmy Choos heels. To give a modish contrast to the outfit, she accessorized with a red Alexander McQueen clutch.

The 31-year-old beauty looked gorgeous in the black cocktail dress. She finished off the look with her trendy hairstyle and makeup.

Kate presented the coveted One-to-Watch Award for the most impressive up-and-coming young athlete after dinner. She duchess announced the winner which is 16-year-old shooter Amber Hill from Bracknell.

Fashion Meets Philanthropy with Angela and Roi Handbags

Fashion is not only showcasing gorgeous outfits to the world. For many people, it is also a way to inspire others. Some people use it to help others. In one way or another, fashion is also about many things just like love.

I'm very impressed with a certain fashion brand that was created by two style lovers. They're partners in showing off the way fashion meets philanthropy. Angela & Roi Handbags is very popular with its "I Donate By Color" business message.

Here are the three things that makes the brand so inspiring.

1. The company donates $5 for each sale to selected non-profit organization or NPO.

This scheme is based on color theory associated with each NPO. According to their website, "For example, Lung Cancer awareness links traditionally with the color white. When customers purchase a white handbag, five dollars will automatically be donated to Lung Cancer Alliance. Our company works together in total with eleven non-profit organizations." Consequently, they offer different colors to match with the non-profit organizations that they work with in the industry.

It's so impressive that you'll be giving away something for those who are in need aside from getting a chic handbag. It's a double purpose that style enthusiasts with surely love.

2. The company uses high quality vegan leather to create fabulous handbags.

That means they're not using materials made of animal skin. In our home, we have two dogs. We are animal lovers, too. With this kind of business, we felt secured and happy that no animals are in danger in the name of fashion.

It's a good thing that they offer a 90-day warranty of their products. What more can I ask for?

3. The company also offers free shipping and free returns on all orders.

If you have shopped in their shopping portal and you found a product that you want to return, it isn't a problem. You can avail of their free-shipping and free-return policy.

The products they offered are also modish and classy. It has vintage look and modern vibe. The company offers large and small tote handbags, shoulder bags and cross-body bags.

To have access of their items, visit Angela and Roi. I featured this online shopping website because I believe in their vision in allowing fashion and philanthropy meet in a diverse world of fashion.

Quick Beauty Fixes for Busy Style Lovers

Do you have a major event today? Don’t worry. There are useful tips to quickly prepare for an unannounced party. After all, it is possible for invitations handed out hours before the gathering. Don’t forget to focus on looking glam and glowing despite having quick beauty fixes.

1. Choose a flattering dress

I've shared a post about this before, that it is important to keep a classic dress for unannounced parties. For style enthusiasts, keeping a little black dress is essential. If you love shopping, don't forget to buy something that will help you save time and money when you're stuck in a fashion rut. Let's say you only have three hours before an event, you should have something in your closet that's perfect for a gathering. Maybe, you can keep a flattering dress or a shift frock in preparation for such moments.

The dress that Lily Collins wore at this time
is not that flattering, but she handled it well. With her chic heeled shoes, she looks
stunning. [Daily Mail, photo]

2. Use a blush on to have a glowing look

In any event, you want to look rosy and glowing. It makes no difference if you're already excited for the event that makes you look glowing already. Use blush on to show off an amazing look.

3. Prepare your concealers

If you don't have time to prep your skin for an event, use concealers. Of course, your primary goal is to hide dark spots. When used with foundation, make sure it is lighter in color to define some parts of your face.

4. Wear chic heels

You can wear sky high heels to amp up your look for the event. These days, you can hardly see boring footwear designs for parties. It's time to wear those edgy pieces that you like to show off.

I didn't mention brands in each item because I want you to choose your own products. For a mesmerizing style, choose a classic look that will match with any occasion.

School for Laser in Plastic Surgery

One of the ways to enhance one's beauty is plastic surgery. With the popularity of laser in plastic surgery treatment, many physicians are trying to have an access to the best training programs to improve their knowledge on the well-known technology in the field of medicine. Thankfully, the Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center has offered amazing courses for that purpose.

Two months ago, many doctors attended the three-day training program that the school had conducted for many students. Located in UAE, the educational institution continued to provide quality education and state-of-the-art training facilities to enhance the knowledge of medical professionals from nearby regions.

At present, the international school is gearing towards providing useful knowledge for the students in the field of medicine. The school's website has presented various ways to avail of the said programs with other essential information after each class.

5 Tips in Designing Your Bedroom Like a Hotel Room

There are thousand ways to recreate your bedroom. Sometimes it feels like you're lost with the right design. Today, I felt inspired to share amazing tips in designing your bedroom like a hotel room. I've seen the amazing accommodation photos of Watercamp Resort in Cavite, one of the best Cavite resorts, and I thought of writing about the topic. After all, interior design is also enhanced by studying inspiring properties in the travel industry such as hotel rooms, villas and vacation houses.

1. Use brown or tan rug to steady emotions and increase trust.

Because a rug is a symbol for one's footing, place a brown or tan rug in the bedroom of a child to give a stable foundation. Such earth color can help a nervous or very sensitive child feel more safe and secure.

2. Hang purses and backpacks on a coat hook.

Recently, I did this one in our bedroom. The effect is remarkable. We had a more spacious and trendy space for rest and relaxation. Just mount a coat hook to hold more items.

3. Paint a guest room peach to attract happiness.

Peach blends the sweetness of yellow with the warm feelings of pink. It's a symbol of optimism. In that case, paint the guest room with peace to have a pleasing, inviting and cheerful mood for guests.

4. Decorate with metal furnishings to encourage structure and determination.

If you're looking for a decor that can improve a person's persistence and concentration, use metal furniture such as brass bed or a metal desk. However, don't forget to mix it with wood furnishings to indicate balance and stimulate expansion.

5. Decorate with wood furnishings to encourage growth.

As mentioned, wood is a symbol of expansion. If you want to create a more spacious bedroom, include wood furnishings in your materials for recreating it. These pieces stimulate healthy growth for emotional, physical and mental well-being.

In one of your travel vacations, try to check the hotel room for inspiration. If you like rooms with white paint, designed with chic furnishings and a vibrant item for a pop of color, then make it your basis in decorating your bedroom.  Don't focus on minimalist designs if you like a colorful bedroom with subdued furnishings.

Tips in Choosing a Dermatologist

There are many dermatologists in the world. However, one practitioner differs from another in terms of educational background, training and perspective on treating patients. Some dermatologists are not active in continuing education such as short programs on laser in dermatology in a reputable school. It's not their priority. Others are learning new ways to treat their patients for purposes of complying requirements and professional standards. Many of the dermatologists are no longer effective and efficient in doing their jobs. Although many dermatologists have long time experience in the field of skin treatment, some of them are not take advantage of the latest technology to treat skin problems.

Since we need a dermatologist to treat skin health problems, it is essential to find the best one. Our goal is to find a dedicated, dependable, updated and amazing dermatologist in our area.

Choosing a Dermatology | Photo of a patient and dermatologist

Here are several factors that will help us find the best one.


We think it is important to choose an expert in the field of skin treatment. We should not feel ashamed to ask our prospects about their credentials.

Since not all dermatologists are the same in terms of educational background and history of practice, we should not lower our standards by taking someone we are unsure of. Some of the essential things to ask include their education, training, research orientation and experience in ensuring healthy skin for their patients.


Obviously, character is one of the most important factors in choosing a dermatologist. Each one of us, especially patients, deserves a dermatologist that is comfortable to work with and very accommodating. In other words, there should be balance between expertise and comfort as we ask a dermatologist for help.

Ability to teach

During treatment sessions, we expect our dermatologists to teach us valuable lessons on skin care. If a dermatologist is not willing to share knowledge, we are at loss.

In most cases, we learn the basics of skin care from our doctor. We want an honest set of prevention tips from our physicians. It includes basic education on having a healthy eating habit, exercise regimen and living a balanced life. After all, it's not about beauty that can be seen through the eyes. It's all about beauty inside out.

Willingness to investigate

For those who are looking for a dermatologist, choose someone who is willing to investigate on very essential health matters. The physician should be able to ask you questions about your skin and take the answers one by one for solutions. The dermatologist should be willing to record your answers, ask for follow-up questions and find results after giving the solutions. It's a lengthy process and a good professional relationship between the doctor and the patient is important.

Dermatology is a complex and vital part of medicine. It is not only about providing great skin after several treatments, but it also includes saving lives. For people who have experienced severe burns, they're expected to offer better treatment to restore the former healthy skin of the patients.

Karen Lopez

Comfortable Dress Down Look for Freelancers

As a freelance writer, I struggle with the right home office outfit everyday. Even if I work from home, I don't want to wear boring outfits. I want some color and chic designs for my off duty look.

When I work from home, I usually stay away from the computer every other 15 minutes to protect my eyes from overexposure. In doing so, I can play with the dog or scribble a menu plan for us.

During work breaks, I play with my dog Enzo.
He's very playful. In this photo, he felt betrayed
because of the photo taking thing. :)

As for my outfit, I prefer easy-to-wear skirts and light-colored blouses. I also like to wear flat shoes.

What are other comfortable dress down outfits for freelancers? Here are my suggestions through Polyvore.

A combination of white and green outfit for working from home is very comfortable. The color combination of this outfit is just simple. With less black and more green hues, you'll have a comfortable feeling while working.

In some cases, working from home is a boring activity. There's no one to cheer you up when you feel bored. To combat boredom, make your outfit more inspiring. A combination of black and yellow shades is a perfect way to have an inspiring moment. I like light colors so I added some must-have accessories.

5 Tips for Swimmers at Watercamp Resort in Cavite

One of the most well-known places to have a pool party is in Watercamp Resort in Cavite. It is very accessible and easy to find in a bustling province. Through Cavite Express, travellers can have a 15-minute drive from Baclaran to Kawit, Cavite where the world class resort is located.

For a successful pool party, let’s take a deeper look into some tips for swimmers. Group leaders and party organizers should share these tips to others.

Don’t swim alone. It is safer to swim with someone or join a group of swimmers. Even though resorts have life guards on standby, it is still important to be careful all the time.

Choose a swimming pool that suits your age. There are different kinds of swimming pools. There are pools for kids and adults. For safety purposes, make sure all of your relatives and friends are swimming in the right area. In the same purpose, kids should only swim at kiddie pools. They should be supervised with someone while swimming for safety reasons.

Don’t swim immediately after eating. After a hearty meal, take a short break. Don’t swim immediately to allow your body to adjust with the water. In some cases, people feel discomfort by swimming immediately right after lunch or dinner. Even though you’re in a pool party, it is still essential to follow this rule.

Wear proper swimming attire. Some pool managers disallow improper clothing for swimming. Make sure you have inquired about this. There are many suitable swimsuits and swimming trunks for swimmers.

Don’t fake troubles or call for help. In other words, don’t play a joke with other people around you. It will disrupt the peaceful swimming activities of all guests. It may cause panic that is absolutely nonsense.

It is a good thing that Watercamp Resort has complete facilities and amenities for their guests. For every swimmer, food isn’t a problem. The resort has a restaurant for their visitors. The accommodation facilities are also well-designed and with modern look. Since swimming is an enjoyable physical activity, guests need all these things.

Kim Kardashian showcases Classic Hourglass Look

Kim Kardashian is one of the latest stars who has showcased a classic hourglass look. She showed off such an amazing style by wearing a purple crop top, a flattering olive green pencil skirt and a mustard yellow coat. The reality star completed the look with a pair of gold-hued heeled sandals.

Kim's hairstyle emphasized her impressive ensemble. With her natural makeup and refreshing aura, the reality star rocked the fashion world in a cheerful way.

Kim Kardashian | Hourglass Look | Daily Mail photo

We know that Kim loves to wear designer items. It is a good thing that Kim has different kinds of outfits to complement her shapely body. As for her festive green skirt, which is a Lanvin creation, Kim is perfectly right for wearing a chic crop top with a vibrant color to highlight the designer item.

Bea Binene and her Sophomore Album Dito Sa Puso Ko

Bea Binene is a multi-talented young actress. She has a lot to offer. She has appeared in top rating shows of GMA Network for years. At present, she is mainstay of GMA sitcom Vampire and Daddy Ko with Vic Sotto, and is also a regular host every Sunday in Good News Kasama si Vicky Morales on GMA News TV. With her colorful music career and successful television shows, Bea’s presence in the entertainment industry is high-flying and outstanding.

 Bea’s new album Dito Sa Puso Ko, has a lot to offer, too. After her successful debut CD Hey It’s Me, Bea! which was released last year, she has recorded another set of songs despite her busy schedule. Recently, the actress launched the second album at Harrison Plaza event center. The album, which has 10 new singles and was released by PolyEast Records, is a perfect treat for her fans. It has her remarkable teen pop tunes with bubbly pop sound that music lovers will surely love.

 Full of teen-targeting pop anthems, the project features 10 tracks including a team-up with teen-sensation Ken Chan, a GMA artist and a host of the late night show Walang Tulugan with the Master Showman. It includes old favorites such as Sharon Cuneta’s High School Life, DJ Alvaro’s Ang Tipo Kong Lalaki and Dito sa Puso Ko by Ogie Alcasid. Ken Chan offered a whole retro-goes-pop vibe by covering The Boyfriends’ Nais Kong Malaman Mo and Sumayaw, Sumunod. Obviously, the album speaks of teenage love and having fun. With duets of Ken and Bea such as Ogie Alcasid’s 90s hit Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang and Lea Salonga’s Bakit Labis Kitang Mahal, the album will surely surpass her previous musical feat.

In a candid interview, Bea admitted that “Music has always been a part of me, and having a career in music has always been in my bucket list since I was still a kid.” She added, “I started learning how to play the guitar and I think I found a new love for it.”

Dito Sa Puso Ko is available for downloads on mymusicstore.com.ph and iTunes worldwide.

Showcasing a Unique Ethereal Look

It has been my duty to give style options for my clients, friends and online friends. One day, I decided to recreate styles that are extraordinary.

My first step is to show off a unique ethereal look. By ethereal look, we are talking about highly refined and delicate style. I don't want to showcase an ensemble with more white and pale pink, so I decided to choose light orange shades.

The skirt is elaborately designed for style enthusiasts who want a unique clothing piece. The pink top is my choice, you can change it out of your own closet. Basically, nude pumps are gorgeous for this kind of outfit. For the other accessories, I chose delicately designed earrings and a chic purse.

Duchess Kate shows off Retro Look with a Printed Dress

Kate Middleton - it's her name before becoming Duchess Kate. Her popularity is unstoppable in the world of fashion. Let's take a closer look of her latest style.

We all know that Duchess Kate is a chic fashion lover. She is one of our favorite style trendsetters. Now that she's a mother, many of her fans feel delighted with her remarkable sense of style. She has an unchanging style expertise that we truly care about.

Duchess Kate | Printed Dress | Daily Mail photo

The Duchess recently rocked the fashion world with her bold printed dress at a charity visit in London. She highlighted the brown and cream frock with a pair of brown suede ankle boots. To complete the vintage style, she opted for a black clutch and simple hairstyle. The modern makeup and lovely dress emphasized her cheerful look.

The fans of the fresh-faced beauty is aware that she has worn the dress in February 2012. Since she has impeccably repeated the attire, many ladies were inspired with her style choices.

Meanwhile, many style bloggers believe that Kate's way of repeating outfits is an inspiration for budget savvy fashion lovers. At this time, we have awesome proof that it's fun to repeat an attire even in highly important tasks.

All Things Blue and Beautiful for Clothes and Accessories

Discard all your worries for now. Let's talk about styling blue clothes and accessories for an impressive ensemble.

Why is it so exciting to wear blue clothes? The shades of blue, in the world of fashion, is the color of choice to look calm and pretty. It is a powerful color that demands attention, especially for those who love bright colors.

In this edition, I decided to wear clothes and accessories with blue shades to have a unique experience. Admittedly, I am not a blue lover since my favorite color is pink. But when some of my friends told me that I look good wearing such kind of attire, I decided to have a pictorial for my very first edition of Love Your Style with Karen.

My cobalt blue top and ruffled skirt are both from a thrift store. These days, cobalt blue is considered a sleek, modern and elegant color since it has vibrancy that you can't deny. Many years ago, it was called royal blue. To stay away from cheap fashion terms that style experts don't want to hear, the name was changed to cobalt blue instead.

As I've shared before, I have a schedule of bargain hunting every Friday. It's my shopping day of the week. My shoes is from Primadonna, which my husband bought three months ago. The blouse is in brighter shades while the skirt is light blue. I didn't wear jewelries at this time because I want a simple take on all things blue and beautiful. In that sense, I followed the "less is more" mantra. Aside from that, there's a monochromatic play in my outfit so I opted for a simple look.

Here are some tips for you.

Wear black accessories to match your blue outfit. Try wearing a black necklace or earrings for a more powerful style.

Don't use dark brown accessories. It will make your look boring. These contrasting colors, cobalt blue and dark brown, isn't perfect for a remarkable ensemble.

Choose a cobalt blue sandal to complement the color of your attire.

Jennifer Lawrence shows off Matching Separates

Jennifer Lawrence is in high spirits as she travels to different places for the promotion of her movie, Catching Fire, the second part of The Hunger Games trilogy. The legions of fans of the famed star we're all excited of the upcoming flick which will be shown at movie theaters worldwide on November 22.

Jennifer Lawrence | Matching Separates | Daily Mail photo

Recently, the actress appeared at the Spanish photocall for her movie in Madrid. The event, which is also attended with her co-stars and fans, is a time for Jennifer Lawrence to show off an amazing ensemble.

She donned blue pencil skirt with a matching crop top, an outfit that enhanced her figure. She emphasized the gorgeous attire with a pair of black and white studded heels. To complete the style, she slightly styled her newly cropped hair for a modern look.

The Alexander McQueen Spring 2014 two-piece, which is composed of a blue and white spine-knit crop top and pencil skirt rocked the fashion world recently. Since the figure hugging outfit looks good on The Hunger Games star, it's obvious that style lovers from around the world were inspired of the clothing pieces.

Fruit Diet for a Shapely and Healthy Body

My college years are all about school, extra-curricular activities and church-related events. I used to travel with my classmates. We also join tours in far away provinces through Rent a Car Philippines services. It's very exhausting for a student like me. I was too thin. During stressful hours, I easily get sick. My body cannot cope up with long hours of thesis preparation, reviewing lessons for examinations and other activities. Now that I value more of my health, I learn to eat right, exercise and have a good night's sleep.

For the whole day, we eat this food that I prepared before going to work. We had macaroni soup, mango and banana shake with bits of peanuts and bread.

When it comes to food intake, I am very conscious of what I eat. Luckily, I am good in preparing food. I like cooking. Recently, I researched for ideas to solve my fitness challenge - to get rid of excess fat in my belly in a natural way. I skipped lunch twice and had eaten sweet potatoes for dinner. Unfortunately, it didn't solve my dilemma. It became worse. For every time I skip meals, I tend to eat a lot later. The more I starve myself, the more I crave for more food. It was devastating.

I decided to try fruit diet. At least, I can now use our blender for a good cause. My husband liked what I prepared so far. It's a good thing that we live in an area that has a weekend bazaar of fresh farm products. I can stock up fresh fruits and vegetables.

I can say that fruit diet is perfect for me. I get to drink lots of water and increase my intake of fluids.

Taylor Swift dons Green Slacks and a Chic Jacket

Do you like wearing slacks? How about dark green slacks for a dress down look? I'm sure you'll like it by inspiration as Taylor Swift cheerfully displayed her fashion credentials by wearing a gorgeous attire.

The famed singer headed out for the rehearsal of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in New York. Taylor is scheduled to perform in the said popular runway event.

Taylor Swift | Green Slacks | Daily Mail photo

The 23-year-old fashion trendsetter donned a black double-breasted jacket, a sporty hat and a cool pair of green slacks. She defined her fabulous style by wearing chic footwear. She finished off the look with a bright red handbag.

These days, Taylor Swift is busy with her colorful singing career. Obviously, she is excited to take part in another spectacular show dubbed as the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that many style lovers watch in person or online every year.

Faithfulness in Times of Trials

Who among us hasn't endured a harrowing experience? I am sure there's no one.

We are not excused with any of life's negative side, even if we know we're children of a very powerful Being. In times of trials, we have different reactions. Some people start blaming for their misfortunes. I've done blaming others for my own challenges. Others think it's better to commit suicide as an easy escape route. All of these reactions are not good. So how should we deal with misfortunes?

Faith is one way. It's faith that's more practical than taking negative recourse. I am not saying that it's an easy choice. It's not. Since faith, in simple terms, is believing on something unseen but is true, it takes a courageous soul to hold on to it.

During my scripture study, I learned that adversity is part of His plan for our testing and growth during mortality. I know that this is true. As a latter-day saint blogger, I'll stand firmly that He's here to help us go through life's journey.

It's true. We live in a perilous time. Many natural disasters visit our land. For we know that only Him understood all that has happened, and that He had endured many adversities while on earth, we have to believe that everything will be alright.

I am deeply inspired with Esther in ancient time, who had enjoyed divine aid for one particular moment. By fasting and prayer to overcome trials, she receive what she wanted at that time. She has found purpose in her life, when her cousin Mordecai asked her,"Who knoweth whether thou art come to the Kingdom for such a time as this?"

How to Wear Stylish Rings

We prefer style trends that have serious staying power in the world of fashion. Our purpose is to secure different ways to show off our personal style. In the world of accessories, wearing a ring is so easy. However, there are times that we fail to showcase the most amazing like. Why is that so? How can we do it properly?

It's not a problem, by the way. We just have to learn the tricks of wearing stylish rings without looking like a trying hard style protege.

If you're a fast learner, the following tips are easy to apply. I became inspired with Harper's Bazaar ideas on accessorizing, especially with the following photo.


1. Find your size. Check websites that have a list of ring sizes. Try it out. Make sure you're comfortable with your choice of accessory.

2. Take time to learn the differences of ring designs. There are different types of rings such as cocktail rings, bands, stackable pieces, wedding rings, precious jewel rings and semi-precious jewel rings. Each ring has a purpose. If you're preparing for a formal occasion, your choices are statement rings, bands, stackable rings and precious jewel rings. For casual wear, opt for bands and semi-precious rings.

3. Learn to mix and match accessories. Don't just wear rings for casual look. Learn to match it with your other accessories. To highlight your clothing pieces, make sure it has stones with the same colors of your clothes.

4. Be a risk-taker. You can break these rules. As long as you're comfortable with your attire, wear a ring of your own choice. After all, you know the basics. Avoid over-the-top accessories and ultra dramatic style. That's it.

By the way, don't purchase cheap mood rings for serious styling sessions. They turn your finger green. Purchase rings that you can wear more than once. They're useful for unannounced gatherings. In taking care of your items, prepare a clean and spacious organizer.

Buying Shoes with Edgy Touch like Primadonna Pieces

I love shopping. Who doesn't like checking chic fashion items nowadays? However, I don't just shop. I always have a plan for my wardrobe. I keep a list of what I need.

Recently, I became interested with edgy footwear. It started when I bought a pair of red shoes from Primadonna. I really like the design. It's really comfortable to wear and easy to match with my outfits. The heeled shoes are lightweight and easy to wear. By wearing it, I have an illusion of height. The pair is very elegant.

In shopping for edgy and unique footwear, I check first some photos online. In that way, I'll find inspiring pieces to use with my outfit plan.

Do you like unique shoes?

Loving Fashion the Denim Way

It's not difficult to wear off duty outfits. I am referring to simple pants and shirt combination, accentuated with chunky accessories. Of course, denim pants are popular for a dress down look. These days, chic street fashion lovers wear something simple out of classy items. It's not really showing off expensive items. The clothes you recently bought from thrift stores will do.

Personally, I love wearing denim pants because it goes well with different designs of blouses and shirts. However, I prefer to team it with light-hued top and heeled footwear. It adds elegance and style to the outfit. I am not too tall so wearing heels is important for me, especially when I wear pants.

Since you're wearing simple clothes to show off denim love, don't hesitate to amp up the look with elaborately designed jewelries. There are many accessories that will match with denim. If your blouse has deep neck design, or the neckline is low, wear chunky necklaces that will fill the neckline area. 

Lastly, experiment with skinny jeans once in a while. It's an interesting trend nowadays. To have a balanced look, wear loose top and chic accessories.

How to Wear Neon Colored Outfits

Neon colors for clothing pieces and accessories are popular nowadays. Let's take a look on how to show off neon-colored outfits.

Many style experts believe that fashion is the things you buy while style is the things you do out of it. There are people who support the mantra that fashion fades and style is eternal. For years, we support the latest fashion trends with aplomb by wearing newly discovered clothing designs. Before the popularity of the Internet, we didn't know that paper can be made an outfit. Now that we're in the golden age of technology, everything is possible.

Many years ago, wearing outfits with different vibrant colors is a disobedience to fashion memos to keep it simple. These days, color blocking is new style development that's really amazing.

How to wear neon colored outfits? 

Don't fret. It isn't challenging. To have a better idea, start with color blocking schemes that many fashion bloggers rave about. You can pair a blue-hued blouse with bold read skirt. Don't forget to wear understated accessories to avoid over-dramatic and annoying look.

Another way of wearing neon colored outfits is to stick with the basics. In other words, choose a dress with triple matching colors and pair it with black pumps. For dress down style, accentuate your denim pants with colorful blouse and dark-hued footwear.

I like bright and happy colors.During stressful days, I wear something read and orange. I don't like open-toe shoes but I use a pair of the same kind to highlight my color blocking ensembles.

Have you tried color blocking?

How to Find Tagaytay City Photographers

Every bride are willing to go through the process of preparing for the big day, especially when the wedding plan is mesmerizing. From the choice of bridal dress to the banquet details, everything is given attention for perfection. However, one of the most essential parts of a wedding celebration is the documentation process. After all, many couples prioritize keeping photographs before, during and after their special day.

Let's talk about wedding photography.

In choosing your wedding photographer, don't forget to consider the professional skills, personal demeanor, experience and artistic style of your choices. The team should be trustworthy and skillful in taking wedding photos. If you're looking for the best Tagaytay City photographers, don't settle for less. Make sure they're experienced and dependable. 

Don't forget to join bridal fairs. In that way, you'll have a chance to study some companies that offer the said services. In setting up interviews, prepare a shortlist of the people that you want to work with. They should come on time. Take note of the way they handle your requests, too.

It's better to ask around to know the best photographers in your area. In doing so, you should approach real couples so that they could give you direct details about the team.

Lastly, don't hesitate to review the portfolio of your chosen wedding photography company. With critical eye, identify the best things they've done, including videos and portraits.

The Benefits of Buying Local Products Directly from the Farmers

Before I started preparing this post, I thought of remembering the days when I tried farming. I know how to plant sweet potatoes and other edible plants. It was fun to gather eggs and collect fruits in the farm.

When I was a kid, I have no idea that many people don't buy farm products directly from the farmers. When I started working in the metro, things changed. I no longer have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. Now that I have another chance to be in the countryside again, I'll share some benefits of buying local products.

Local farmers help build a rural community. If local farmers are doing their job well, rural communities will continuously develop these days. Since local farming provides jobs to many people, everybody will benefit in the community. In that sense, farmers will no longer sell their lands for commercial development. Simply put, farmers help build strong local economy.

We can buy fresher farm products. Obviously, farm products are fresher and better in taste and quality. These products are shipped within 24 hours upon harvest so the freshness and quality is maintained. Usually, fresh fruits and vegetables are sweet and flavorful.

Consumption of local products helps to protect genetic diversity. When organic products became popular, many people buy directly from farmers. The common merchants nowadays usually sell products with longer shelf life, therefore sacrificing taste and freshness. Aside from that, some produce have grown to meet commercial standards that will will result to increase of genetic diversity.

Buying from local farmers helps to protect our environment. The shipping process is shorter compared to those sold with middlemen. It is one way to save energy and avoid waste. In buying directly from farmers, fresh fruits and vegetables are directly available to buyers. Usually, farmers offer their produce during weekends to ensure freshness and quality.

It is convenient and fun. Since buying in farmers' market is fun and convenient, many people love doing it. Sometimes they're enamored with many farmers selling snacks made of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some poultry products are already prepared as ready-to-eat items that makes shopping fun.

Have you tried visiting a farmer's market area? It's one of my hobbies lately. It's my way of supporting local farmers.

When In Dipolog, Dine at Affordable Snack Houses at the Boulevard

It's more fun in the Philippines. I agree with this tagline. It's obvious that travel became a major activity of many people nowadays. So when I had a chance to revive my travel writing gigs, I thought of writing about our latest finds in Dipolog City.

My husband prodded me to visit some affordable snack houses in the city. He wants to eat halo-halo and siomai for a change. Our regular Saturday visit at bazaars is monotonous. One afternoon, we had a wonderful dining experience at a snack house located near the Boulevard.

For P90, we enjoyed two orders of halo-halo and siomai. I remember my first visit in this place as a blogger. The team also visited the snack houses at that time. The particular dining place that we visited now has changed. It became a chic dining area for their customers. It's also located near the beach. Imagine the comfort and fun we had.

The Camouflage Effect

Some people comment that camouflage is peaking in the fashion world. It became an overnight sensation among style enthusiasts. Even though it was already popular before the fashion revolution in the Internet, its recent fame is exceptional. People are beginning to use it in different occasions.

There are some points that make camouflage a style staple nowadays. The print is inherently a tool for military activities. But many fashion mavens found its usefulness in the world of fashion. It became an important ornament for showcasing styles such as athletic wear, sequin sweaters, trenches, luxe fur outfit and even in fitness activities.

Obviously, girls are using camouflage as best fashion pieces for night outs with their friends. It's easy to style with a mini skirt, dresses and even dress-down outfits.Since it is an edgy piece for every style enthusiast, many people use it to show off completely neutral look.

Read more here: http://www.kansas.com/2013/10/21/3069042/when-it-comes-to-fashion-you-cant.html#storylink=cpy
There's a warning, though. Try to show off a camouflage in a relaxed way. For example, use gorgeous accessories to keep a camouflage from being too serious. For women, a ladylike look maybe achieved by adding a pop of color in your outfit or using a fabulous necklace. Don't forget to have a trendy makeup and chic nail paint for a polished beauty style.

Lastly, guys can also use camouflage in showcasing a remarkable look. It's all about the camouflage sneaker with dark denim, or a jacket or hoodie over more tailored trousers.

Fashion Pieces with Long Shelf Life

We know that our love for fashion won't fade easily. Being able to put up an amazing ensemble is always thrilling and interesting. However, there are times that we fail to keep fashion pieces with long shelf life. It's because we keep on searching for new trends and those items that are seasonal.

Here are fashion items that have long shelf life.

Little black dress. Coco Chanel believes that a little black dress is not seasonal. It is a classic attire that is useful for fashion lovers. If you're prepared for style emergencies, a little black dress is in your closet. For instance, you're invited to a cocktail party or a meeting-cum-party event in the workplace, it's the best choice as an attire.

Denim pants. Women love to wear denim pants. It's a classic clothing piece that is easy to wear and style. It's perfect for busy days and dress-down moments. It doesn't hurt if you pair it with heeled sandals to have a sophisticated yet effortless look.

Black maxi skirt. In your closet, keep a black maxi dress. This is useful for unplanned girl's night out. The fashion item can also be used to attend church meetings by pairing it with a colorful blouse and matching wedges. Choose a design that will create an illusion of great shape and body contour. There are maxi skirts that will give you a look with elongated and perfectly trimmed legs.

White t-shirt. Of course, white t-shirts are classic pieces. They're useful every time you're in the mood for shopping or visiting a friend. It's easy to style and comfortable to wear. It goes well with pants and blazers.

Black boots. For rainy days or not, boots are fabulous style pieces. They're perfect for mini dresses, casual wear and other suitable outfits. The footwear items, especially flat ones, are also perfect for walking. Think of Kate Moss's video of "These Boots are Made for Walking." Isn't it gorgeous?

Slacks or trousers. For those who are attending job interviews, slacks or trousers are very useful. Keep a perfectly designed trouser in your closet for such purpose. It can easily transform you from a style enthusiast to a corporate chic in an instant when paired with matching blouse and shoes. By the way, tailored trousers are the best pieces.

White or black blazer. These item is perfect for covering fabulous sleeveless t-shirts and blouses. They're style staple nowadays. For modest fashion clothing, it's the favorite style item to pull off a minimalist look.

Nude Pumps. We know that nude pumps are useful to have a glamorous look. Some sky-high nude heels are perfect for mini-dresses, chic frocks and other modish outfits.

Do you know other clothing items that have shelf life?

Hotkiss Blue Dress

I fell in love with dresses when I started wearing modest clothing pieces. However, I am more enamored with Hotkiss dresses nowadays. I have a blue dress of the same brand. Even though it is not knee-length, I managed to wear it while strolling in the beach.

To create a simple look, I used a maroon-hued blazer. I don't like wearing heels at that time, so I opted for yellow flats from Zalora. To complete the outfit, I carried a maroon-colored SM Accessories small bag.

The dress is too short for me, so I'll no longer wear it next time. I'll just keep is as a remembrance after shopping some Hotkiss items.

Chic Wedding Preparation for Brides

I love weddings. The idea of preparing elaborate designs for the bride and the groom is interesting. The process of choosing the bridal dress is more thrilling than any part of the preparation. To help you organize your special day, let's talk about the chic wedding preparation tips for charming brides.

Rank your priorities. Once you're engaged, you'll fall into the trap of thinking about your big day all over again. First, try to set your priorities. Would you like to focus on your wedding dress and the venue decor? Will you limit the list of your guests? What is your preferred menu? These questions must be answered before starting the preparation process. Aside from that, don't forget to decide on your documentation requirements. For example, you may decide on checking the services of Tagaytay wedding photography. The main purpose of this task is to ensure that you have booked the best service providers for your wedding.

Read tips from real couples. I am inclined to share this tip because some people share their amazing experiences online. Since real couples have gone through the process, you'll most likely learn many things from them.

Ask your friends to help you. I am sure that your friends will be happy to help you prepare for your special day. This is one way to save money and have fun. Your friends will provide their suggestions, too. In decorating your venue, they'll surely help you figure out the best design.

Prepare for an off-season celebration. If you're a budget-savvy bride, choosing an off-peak date is a good decision. Some people choose off-season wedding date to save money. Since supplies are offered in lower prices during this time, you'll have opportunities to maximize your preparation.

You have an option for a green wedding. Obviously, green wedding is one of the most exciting options for a bride. Don't worry. It's a popular set-up nowadays. You'll get remarkable tips from real couples who have tried it.

There are other tips for weddings. Generally, brides hire experts to help them prepare for the ceremony. Some newlyweds thank themselves for forgoing the program printing in exchange of adding more persons in the guest list. Others go for bargain hunting to save money. It's to you.