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GV Hotels in Dipolog City for an Affordable Overnight Stay

We know that traveling has some challenges along the way. It is a normal scenario to see wanderers who needed to stay in a hotel for a night to continue their trip the next day. As for me, I was so fortunate to find an affordable place to stay in Dipolog City when I needed to wait for the morning to continue my tour.

About My Trip

There are many places to visit during my tour here in Mindanao. In between these things, I need also to accompany my friends to perform community service programs. Since I was too tired after a long day of traveling, I decided to find a place to stay that I can afford based on my budget.

GV Hotels in Dipolog City

The hotel is located at Quezon Avenue, Miputak, Dipolog City - near the Security Bank and Lee Plaza Dipolog along the highway. Here are important details that you should know before booking the place.

Standard Accommodation

[air-conditioned but without heater]

  • Economy Single - 1 person | Regular Rate 1,000.00 | Promo Rate 500.00
  • Economy Twin 2 persons | Regular Rate 1, 250.00 | Promo Rate 625.00
  • Economy Matt 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,250.00 | Promo Rate 625.00
  • Regular Twin 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,350.00 | Promo Rate 675.00
  • Regular Matt 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,350.00 | Promo Rate 675.00
  • Economy Family 3 persons | Regular Rate 1,800.00 | Promo Rate 900.00
Deluxe Accommodation

[air-conditioned with heater]

  • Deluxe Single 1 person | Regular Rate 1,100.00 | Promo Rate 550.00
  • Deluxe Twin 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,500.00 | Promo Rate 750.00
  • Deluxe Matt 2 persons | Regular Rate 1,500.00 | Promo Rate 750.00
  • Deluxe Family 3 persons | Regular Rate 2,000 | Promo Rate 1,000.00
  • VIP with Ref 4 persons | Regular Rate 2,600.00 | Promo Rate 1,300.00
  • Extra Bed P250.00 | Extra Person P250.00

The room amenities include parking, hot and cold shower, WiFi, wake-up call, CCTV, standby gen-set, and Cable TV.

Contact Information

Telephone: [065]908-0684
Mobile: 09177083252
Email Address: info@gvhotelgroup.com

I tried to check their website but it is no longer available. If you really need an affordable place to stay in the city, you can go directly to the hotel and choose your room for your accommodation.

Review and Rating

Since I just want to have an overnight stay in the hotel, I chose the most affordable room and the rate is only P500.00. The room is small and little bit old. Meaning, the place is not well-maintained. It wasn't really clean-looking, maybe because the building looks really old. However, it is still complete with basic knickknacks  such as bed, television, table and comfort room. At around 2 AM, I experienced a scary thing since I felt like a lot of unseen beings are sleeping on my feet. I told them to leave me alone so that I can sleep peacefully and prayed for protection from evil spirits. If I'm going to rate this place, I'll give 3.5/5 stars.

Scoop in Dipolog City for Ice Cream

We know that eating ice cream is one of the most popular ways to combat stress nowadays. It has different flavors that will give you the sweetness that you need. No wonder it is always part of the menu whenever you'll see a well-designed food house.

Earlier this month, I had a chance to drop by Scoop in Dipolog City to have brunch. I've decided to order Mango Ice Cream and Beef Steak with rice. 

You'll love the simplicity of the place and their delicious offerings. The taste of their Beef Steak is good. It's one of my favorite dishes so I made sure I ordered it right away. Aside from that, the Mango Ice Cream is really delectable.

The restaurant is located beside Altissimo Cafe so it is very accessible. Since the price is so affordable, even students can afford dining at this place.

Have you tried dining at this beautiful place? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

New Beginning and New Chapter For Life

There are times that I wonder what made me go through these days despite the challenges that I encounter every day. Maybe, just maybe, I did believe that one day everything will be alright as long as I remain valiant in this mortal life.

Truly, I wasn't able to blog for a long time. I did a quick personal evaluation and slowly planned for the next chapter of my life. I did a list of all things that really matter to me. I look back and discarded all the things that will not be helpful towards achieving what I really want in life.

If you're going through the same thing, just carry on. Take an inspiration from this post. You may rest for a little while, but don't give up. I really love blogging that I'll do everything to find the inspiration that I needed to keep going.

Last month, we has a successful activity with the young women for their New Beginning. I can relate it with my life - I need to embrace the new chapter ahead of me. There's no way to back out. I just chose to walk in the right path, serve Him with all my heart, might, mind and strength and at the same time working for the things that I really aspire for.

The path that I chose isn't the ordinary, but I know it is close to my heart.

Lastly, I'll "stand for truth and righteousness" all the time even if it's not easy. After all, there is always opposition in life. Challenges lie ahead. And it takes a kind heart and focused mind to be a victor.

Hongkong Experienced Haute Couture on The Ocean With Jessica Minh Anh at Costa Neoromantica Sundeck

Jessica Minh Anh rose to fame after phenomenally turning England’s iconic London’s Tower Bridge, French pride the Eiffel Tower, and America’s new symbol of hope and freedom One World Trade Center into a catwalk.

For so many years, I've been following my favorite style lovers across the globe. Since there are a lot of people who are so passionate about fashion, it is not difficult to do so. One of my favorite fashion icon is Jessica Minh Anh. Her story is really inspiring, thrilling and electrifying knowing well-produced fashion shows she has showcased in popular parts of the world.

At 12:30pm yesterday, supermodel Jessica Minh Anh officially added Hong Kong into her famous catwalk series at the world’s most iconic venues. Featuring the city’s picturesque skyline, J Winter Fashion Show 2018 premiered 6 haute couture and pret-a-couture collections from Europe, Asia, South America, and America on the sky-high sundeck of Costa neoRomantica cruise ship. More than perfectly marrying fashion with the old and new Hong Kong, Jessica successfully celebrated the rise of a new generation of female creators.

Against the cinematic backdrop, Jessica Minh Anh appeared as a vision in an impressive royal red dress with gold embroidered geometric symbols. Reflecting sunlight in her every move, her elegance was dramatized by flowy chiffon and silk. Jessica’s iconic look was complimented by a unique hair structure resembling a multiple-sail boat. Following the exotic beauty was a stunning model line-up, all dressed in Ani Alvarez Calderon’s latest designs. The Peruvian artist used decorative border, multi-coloured cords, fringes made of textiles, and velvet ribbons to emulate Inca Empire and the spiritual world. Pakistani representative Syeda Amera returned to Jessica Minh Anh’s catwalk with structured jackets, flared pants, and fridge beaded dresses. Her expressive collection mixed gold embellishments with Swarovski crystals and ruby jewels against a deep colour palette of sunset red, forest green, and royal blue.

I'm a fan of Jessica's beautiful clothes that are considered high fashion and the peerless way of showcasing her way of promoting remarkable places.

Adding femininity to the grand showcase, American designer Mimi Tran introduced a ravishing haute couture collection that mirrored endless variations of modern beauty. From immaculate detailing, texture, and luminosity, to dimensional patterns with depth, the designs portray majesty and complexity of an independent woman. Staying true to the brand’s aesthetic, Mimi featured artisanal hand beading and utilize the colour palette to full effervescent effect.

A master at portraying the perfect silhouette, Patricia Nascimento’s new collection was a mix of sensuality and boldness. Distinctive cuts, strategic transparency, and embellished crystals on fine fabrics defined her signature looks. After describing Jessica Minh Anh as “a visionary who can change the world” on the historic Hoover Dam catwalk, the Brazilian talent has certainly inserted another level of refinement onto her powerful and exceptional designs. The multi-colour mermaid collection exuded individuality and richness.

Next, Monaco-based label Nordic Angels presented a classic and timeless collection with clean cuts, avant-garde silhouettes, and contemporary patterns that would prevail through generations. Attaining an impeccable fit, the designs included red roses embroiled on transparent fabrics, structured dresses and suits with deep necklines, and a red-carpet touch.

Closing the show with ultimate glamour, Indonesian powerhouse XIAOFEN COUTURE created a fairy-tale moment with mostly soft colours, fine materials, big bows, and trained dresses. Advanced craftsmanship and great attention to details were seen in elaborate gowns, which were structured yet artistically dreamy. Saving the best for last, the finale blue-violet dress, which embodied Jessica Minh Anh’s beauty and sophistication, is a quintessential example of advanced beadwork, original patterns, and intricacy. Symbolizing an East-meet-West enchanting presence, the supermodel ended the show with unattainable desire and supremacy.

The high-profile J Winter Fashion Show 2018 welcomed guests on board of the luxurious Costa neoRomantica cruise ship with a red-carpet entrance and a VIP after-party with Italian delicacy and live music. Hong Kong’s finest Make Up For Ever, Daz Salon, Buccellati, Nirav Modi, Cristina Sabatini, Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Pure Group, Ovolo Group, HK Branding, Camlux Hotel, Expo King, GOGOVAN, Roytal Tailor, and EAST Hong Kong were among the show supporters.

Of all the clothes donned at the fashion show, my favorite is the blue-violet dress that was showcased in the runway during the finale. It was intricate, unique and regal-looking and it really highlighted Jessica's beauty.

With an incredible track record of 3 iconic catwalks per year in 3 continents, Jessica Minh Anh redefined the unstoppable energy and creativity of a new generation of leaders. In her own words, Jessica described her motivation and hard work as “the air I breath, the only road I see, my way of life”. With her history-making achievements at national symbols from the Eiffel Tower, London’s Tower Bridge to Hoover Dam and Gemasolar plant, it’s no doubt Jessica is an asset not only to the fashion industry, but many others. As she continues to expand her multi-faceted career and meet with country ambassadors, ministers, and CEOs of multinational corporation, one may wonder where she will head to next?

Chic Hairstyles and FreeTress Wigs

Welcome back to my blog! This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. At this point of time, I'll talk about hairstyles again. I've been obsessed with unique hairstyles lately, especially after checking my Instagram account. I've checked gorgeous hairstyles while checking the feeds of fellow bloggers. Aside from that, I researched freetress to know more about it and I found fabulous hairstyle as inspiration.

Here are my favorite tresses styling. Let me know in the comments section your thoughts about these chic hairstyles.

Cocoa Curl

This is really interesting! The color is dark and attractive. I love purple so it explains why this is my first choice. I had a similar hairstyle back then and I really love it even if the curls are not so prominent like this one. The style is perfect for those who want to try bolder colors. 

Pin Twist Braid

Another unique hairstyle is the Pin Twist Braid. This is not too long and the color is subtle pink or red. I can wear this with a little black dress or even a white maxi dress. I love the complexity of the wig.

2x Braid

If you want a longer and colorful hairstyle, this is highly recommended. The color looks amazing and the cut is so chic. I'm attracted with the fine braids here.

These hairstyles are very enticing, especially if I want to look different sometimes. As inspiration, freetress gave me ideas to wear wig in style and to amp up my #beauty game. This #Divatress #ad reminds me of the glorious days when I've decided to showcase a different hairstyle. It helped me become more confident everyday.

Weekend Staycation at Travelbee Heritage Inn in Dapitan City

Are you planning to visit Dapitan City? If so, you're probably wondering where to stay in the city. Let me share with you one place that will amaze you while on the road.

There's no need to spend a lot of money just to find a perfect place to stay in Dapitan City. You can stay in a budget hotel, an inn that is so accessible for you.

In my new blog, I featured an amazing inn for backpackers who visit Dapitan City. It's my third time to visit the place.

Travelbee Heritage Inn is one of the most recommended accommodations in the said place. I've posted a video on my YouTube Channel about this one.

The inn is very affordable. If you just want a place to stay for the night, you can choose the Economy Hive for only P600.00. However, the room has no television. If you want a better room, upgrade to the Standard Hive that is only P680.00. You can also choose the bigger room for only P1,280.00. They've recently updated the rate so just expect for a little additional fee once you're in the hotel.

Travelbee Heritage Inn is so clean and peaceful. I was able to sleep very well during my stay there. I'll definitely go back there when I want to visit the twin city of Dipolog.