Ann Ward and her Success in Modelling

The immense popularity of Ann Ward started when she emerged as winner of the Cycle 15 of America’s Next Top Model 2010, a CW Network reality television show. Even though she was perceived as shy and unassuming, the 6 ft. 2 inches tall beauty took a grasp of the admiring supporters from around the world.

Known for her soulful facial expression, thin waist and long legs, Ann Ward has captured the attention of the fashion loving packs from across the globe. The 23-year-old model continues to draw attention to her endearing personality, unique modelling profile and her genuine love of fashion.

In 2011, she received a seven-page spread in Vogue Italia, a feat that other models rarely achieve in the industry. Usually, models are given a two-page space in the magazine.

The avid fans of the newcomer shared their excitement as she became the cover of ENE Magazine in 2013. In the same year, Ann sashayed in the runway for the fashion show dubbed as Desfile Google+PV14 and donned Pineda Cavalin’s 2014 collection.

Are you an avid fan of Ann Ward? Let’s talk about her in the comments section.


Six Tips on Proper Hair Care

The basic adage of having a beautiful hair continues to haunt many people nowadays. For women, it has to be downright useful as they usually have longer tresses that need more time to manage. Since men struggles to maintain healthy looking hair, every effort counts. Luckily, we have gathered some tips on proper hair care.

1. Have a regular hair massage

These days, hair massage is highly recommended to stimulate hair growth. However, if you are losing hair, see a physician for possible medical help. Avoid self-styled “specialists” though; especially those who offer so-called wonder tonics or cures.

Many people believe that five minutes massage in the morning and another five minutes massage in the evening reduce hair thinning. Aside from that, it stimulates the hair follicles. 

As a way to relax, try kneading and rubbing your scalp now!

2. Daily hair brushing is essential

Let’s get this straight: twelve to 15 strokes daily is usually sufficient. We think that too much hair brushing may prove injurious, especially with brushes that pull the hair or scratch the scalp.

By the way, use the right product to avoid damage to your hair. If you have short, fine tresses, use a thinner brush.

3. Use hair sprays properly

Avoid excessive use of hair sprays. It may harm your tresses. If applied properly, it will help you in maintaining your hair to achieve a gorgeous and eye-catching style. Be sure to have regular shampoo applied on your hair to avoid dry-looking hair.

4. Wigs

Do you wear wigs? Don’t forget to have regular shampooing because it can increase scalp perspiration that may eventually damage your hair. After all, normal wig wearing is not injurious to the hair provided the wig is not too tight.

5. Cutting

Although trimming may beautify hair by removing damaged or split ends, cutting does not promote faster growth. Hair grows at the same rate regardless and the rate is largely a matter of heredity.

The Fashion Spot wrote seven compelling reasons to cut your hair short. Those who have round faces can benefit in a short hair cut.

6. Braiding

Tight or frequent braiding may pull at the hair roots and cause damage. Hair should not be left braided overnight, and rubber bands or tight clips should be avoided.

Even if we receive warnings about braiding, let's think positive. As long as we do it right, everything will be alright. Have you heard about the fishtail braid? It's exceptionally fabulous! So perfect for a Boho princess look.

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Kim Kardashian and her All White Ensembles

Kim Kardashian is one of the most fashionable ladies in the world of style and beauty. The fashion world is her world, I must say. We take inspiration on her endearing sense of style and enviable personality. As a successful fashion maven, we know we can get something out of her persistent spirit.

We are so lucky since Kim has shown two gorgeous all white ensembles this year. Both outfits are incredibly fabulous and suits well for the popular TV personality, entrepreneur and wife of Kanye West.

We remember her gorgeous and elegant take of an all white attire two months ago at the MailOnline yacht party in Cannes, France. In the event, she donned a form-fitting, sleeveless dress in all white that emphasized her shapely physique. The shimmering outfit matched with her elegant accessories, especially her chic makeup and hairstyle.

Kim at the MailOnline yacht party in Cannes France two months ago

Earlier today, she showed off an ethereal look by wearing an all white ensemble as she arrived at a studio in Hollywood on Wednesday, before enjoying a romantic dinner with husband Kanye West. The attire is heavenly, but it was highlighted by a plunging neckline for added style and flamboyance. To eliminate monotony, the outfit featured a cut-out on the back and sides. She finished it off by wearing a pair of gold chain-link stilettos and smokey eyes makeup.

Kim at a studio in Hollywood
Images | Daily Mail

Do you like Kim's all white ensembles? Which one do you prefer? I like the first one because it's so elegant. She preferred sleek hairstyle and trendy makeup and it matched with her stylish frock.


The Soul of Music: Being in a Musical Group

The soul of music is music itself.

When I was a kid, my Aunt told me that I have a very bad singing voice. I felt bad because I love music. So I patiently trained my voice to achieve an acceptable status - that at least I can sing out loud while taking a shower.

Later on, I accepted the fact that I can't sing well. So I focused on my speaking voice. If it's not my singing voice, at least I have an audible, sweet voice that many aspiring disc jockeys want to project on air. I immersed myself in that industry. I observed disc jockeys, especially american dj lighting and spiels, through YouTube videos, including watching them in action in events. Later on, I got a chance to apply as a DJ by invitation, but was eventually rejected. At least, I tried.

Now that I'm completely free from the discouraging words by others, I kept on loving music in any way possible. I'm a total go-and-get-it girl and my attitude is so different because I do persist on things.

Karen (hands clasped), Aisie, Irish, Bella and Sarah

Then, I participated in musical group presentations for a change. I can't sing alone because I'm too shy. But at least, I can sing with others by participating in a choral group.

Last year, we had an awesome rendition of I Stand All Amazed and this year, we performed All is Well with aplomb. We had stylish uniforms too.

It was a fun experience and I'll never forget it.


MTV Video Music Awards 2014: Taylor Swift Leads the Fashion Pack down the Red Carpet

This time of the year is a stellar fashion phenomenon at the MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles. Many well-known performers stormed the red carpet with aplomb, especially Taylor Swift, who kept it sleek and pretty.

The famed singer donned a high-cut playsuit, which she teamed with a pair of chic sky-high heels. She finished off the look with a simple hairstyle and a slash of red lipstick.

Image | Daily Mail

Aside from Taylor, Jennifer Lopez also showed off an impressive ensemble down the red carpet. She wore a a silver-tinted gown that has a lovely crisscrossing bodice that showed off her flat tummy and a thigh-baring slit in the trailing skirt. Jennifer's shoes matched well with her frock too. 

Although Kim Kardashian chose a racy outfit, she stole the show with her shapely figure and trendy makeup. On the other hand, Miley Cyrus paraded her impeccable style this year by wearing a black high-waisted pair of leather trousers, which she teamed with crop top and matching footwear.


Orange Theme Fall Wedding Inspiration

Hi everyone! There’s a convincing call to freshen ourselves now that fall has ushered us into the day. Even though it’s still summer in other parts of the world, we’re not going to slacken our love of astounding colors

Think about the lively touch of orange!

The feel of orange this fall is incredibly popular, especially for a budget savvy bride-to-be who want an elegant wedding celebration. It’s a refreshing way to start a new life. 

So embrace the energy of this color this season. Who wouldn't want to enjoy vibrant colors now?

Think outside the box. Where did they get those flickering ideas to put up a well-planned wedding this fall? Did you collect wedding magazines before, preferably back issues sold in lower prices? It doesn’t hurt to do some research before planning an orange-themed nuptial.


Tom Cruise is Busy Filming Mission Impossible 5 at Vienna State Opera House in Austria

Tom Cruise - one of my favorite Hollywood stars - is still in the height of his acting career even until now. We loved him in his Top Gun days and liked his other popular movies such as The Last Samurai, Eyes Wide Shut, Jerry Maguire and more.

But we are bound to love him more, especially if you're an avid fan, because he's currently filming Mission Impossible 5 in Vienna, Austria. Of course, many followers of his famed character Ethan Hunt are expecting more stunts in the latest movie.

The former installments of the Mission Impossible film are action-packed and filmed in popular places around the world. At present, the action star is busy filming at the Vienna State Opera house in Austria.

In one photo, Tom was seen chatting with Swedish actress, Rebecca Ferguson, her co-star, while in the process of shooting some scenes.

For one particular film, Tom Cruise wore a fitting blue t-shirt and navy jeans. He teamed it with a pair of brown shoes and sunglasses.

Splash Mountain in Laguna

I’m a certified traveller. I kept on visiting new places with my husband. It’s a way for me to thank nature for such wonder that every traveller held in view – just like the magnificent Laguna de Bay.

We visited Splash Mountain twice. On our first visit, we experienced sleeping in one of their rooms. The two-storey building has spacious rooms for the guests. We slept there for a night. We transferred to another room the next day. It’s located near the Laguna de Bay so we experienced natural cool air.

The swimming pools are well-designed and located at the center of the resort. It’s just a small place so you can practically see everything the resort has to offer. The food is delicious too.

 The hotel staff is very organized in performing their tasks. On our last day in the hotel, we requested for another room and they allowed us to transfer for the third time. I had a bad dream in one of their rooms and my husband felt different too. Luckily, there are only few guests at that time. We found another room for the night.

There are awesome places to visit if you’re in the mood for roaming around the city. We decided to visit UP Los Banos grounds, the Robinsons Mall and the supermarket. At that time, using cellophanes are no longer allowed in the area. It’s a good thing we brought small bags.

Enjoying Villa Pilar in Dapitan City

We had an activity for the youth organized by the church last April 16-18, 2014 held in Dapitan City. The venue of the activities is Villa Pilar – nestled just along the boulevard – with the sea breeze ready to welcome you.

There are many inns and resorts in Dapitan City, ranging from budget hotels to expensive places. Perhaps, the organizers chose Villa Pilar because of its huge training grounds and accessibility.

In front of the hotel, the seashore is visible. Our rooms are situated in another inn; we experienced hiking from one hotel to another. Our visitors from Oroquieta City were housed in Villa Pilar, that’s why.

The things that I love about the place are the well-manicured gardens, spacious lobby and the shades of trees. The flowers were in full bloom at that time so I enjoyed the garden area.

 Have you visited Villa Pilar lately? What can you say about the place? Tell us in the comments section.