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How to Wear a Romper Suit Like a Style Queen

We know that talking about rompers dates back in the time when toddlers meant to wear the clothing piece. In 1900s, romper suits are used as play clothes for younger children. Fast forward in 2006, the suit became a fashionable garment for women. Many fashion designers joined the bandwagon in creating romper suits for fashionably chic ladies in the world of style and beauty.

How to wear a romper suit like a style queen? Let's take this question very seriously.

1. Many style trendsetters try to show off their enviable figure by wearing it. 

2. If you're hoping to showcase a feminine look, opt for towering heels that will match the color of the suit.

3. Don't forget to use accessories that will highlight your look, some pieces to harmonize the color of the outfit and your get-up.

4. Choose a sleek hairstyle to emphasize the versatile outfit.

5. If you want to wear it from day to night, don't forget to bring additional accessories to come up with a perfect transformation. 

If you want a perfect model for romper suit, check Jennifer Lopez's latest outfit at an American Idol 2014 episode. She wore a bright pink romper, which she paired with a sky-high brown heels. To complete the style, she accessorized with chic layered necklaces, belt and other shimmering pieces that highlighted her outfit.

Would you like to share some tips? Do you have other ideas? Let us know in the comments section.

Karlie Kloss Dazzles in a Red Tartan Look

For so many years, style enthusiasts are finding ways to show off red tartan getup in a special way. It is one of the stylish ensembles that remains tricky for many fashion lovers. Luckily, Karlie Kloss had shown the best way to wear red tartan clothing pieces.

Karlie Kloss | Daily Mail photo

Earlier this week, the 21-year-old model showcased a plaid, red tartan getup during a photo shoot. She was spotted wearing the classic outfit, which she paired with men's black socks and gold lace-up shoes. With her on-trend makeup, the unique style was remarkably emphasized in the fashion shoot.

In one photo, Karlie modeled the look with a huge black bag that highlighted her impressive style. She was also seen posing in front of the camera with her hands expertly placed in the pockets of her crimson-colored attire.

The Importance of Family Vacation

There are many popular institutions that sponsored surveys regarding the necessity of family vacation or trips. Last year, Disney survey revealed the importance of family travel escapades. For individuals, travel is also highly recommended. Here are reasons why we need to have a vacation.

1. It eradicates the feeling of being burnt-out. Many young professionals and families have tried spending a vacation with loved ones to avoid being burnt out. In case of families with kids, swimming at Watercamp Resort in Cavite is a good choice. During summer, many Cavite resorts offer travel packages for everyone.

2. It promotes overall well-being. In taking a vacation, you will have time for yourself. It is a perfect opportunity to improve your sleeping habits and eradicate health problems by relaxing and enjoying the trip.

3. It can help to improve job performance. By having a break from work, you can realign your goals and think clearly about your future. If you have an increased quality of life, it means you will have an increased quality of work.

4. It can strengthen bonds. To keep family relationships strong, going on a vacation together is a must. For good times and bad times, family members should help in other and experience closeness during the trip.

5. It promotes creativity. If we travel often, we have opportunities to rediscover our dreams. It will help us to be more creative. In that sense, we will have re-connection with ourselves that is difficult to accomplish when we are experiencing stressful days.

6. It can help us to stay healthy. To stay healthy, it is essential to visit interesting places. The trip will give us opportunities to enjoy sunrise and sunset, swimming and eat delicious foods. It helps us rejuvenate and attain happiness in life.

7. It can relieve stress in meaningful ways. Our stressful days can be eliminated if we enjoy a vacation from time to time. When we travel with our families, we will have a sense of unity and relief. As a result, we can easily solve problems, face pressures and manage stress.

Through the years, family vacation has given opportunities for family members to bond with each other. By means of visiting a new place, it will help them learn and experience happiness as a family. It would be easier for them to cooperate with one another and foster unity.

Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center

The importance of education is a paramount consideration in all forms of organization. In the field of laser technology, the goal of getting a competence certification course is necessary. It isn't an easy task. However, it is one step closer to provide a safe, remarkable and world-class health care practice. Thankfully, Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center has offered fundamental training courses for those who are planning to practice laser technology treatment in the field of health care and wellness.

Image | Laser Treatment Training

One of the most recently concluded training sessions sponsored by the institution is the Laser Competence Certification Course for participants with no laser experience. It was a hands-on clinical and surgical training for all those who are interested in the course.

In addition, the Sharjah University Laser Training and Research Center has offered exciting courses this year. However, the school is working on providing competence certification for all those who are qualified after taking the necessary programs of the institution. The usual topics are Laser Physics, Laser Tissue Interaction, Laser Safety in Equipment and Handling and Clinical Overview of Laser Procedures. The school has also sponsored demonstration workshops for the students.

Lastly, the future courses of the international school are geared towards providing an excellent instruction on Aesthetic Laser, Laser and Light Based Hair Removal, Dental Laser Courses and other interesting programs. The continuing education approach of the school has attracted many physicians and allied health professionals residing within the UAE and nearby regions.

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