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Award Winning Filmmaker and Writer, Maria Diane Ventura

The legions of fans of the movies, TheRapist and Mulat "Awaken" have been rallying behind the award winning director and writer, Maria Diane Ventura these days. They've supported her internationally-acclaimed films with enthusiasm ever since it debuted online and in any other platform. Well, it's not surprising since she entered the entertainment scene with her extraordinary, award winning projects.

In my new lifestyle blog, I've featured her undeniable presence in the world of film-making and as well as how I came to know more about her. By writing a post about Maria Diane Ventura, Award Winning Director and Writer in the said blog, I can say that I'm really one of her fans. Honestly, I love her movie, Mulat "Awaken" since I'm a follower of unique, thought-provoking and entertaining films.

Maria Diane Ventura became prominent in the writing and film-making industry due to her extraordinary films, TheRapist and Mulat "Awaken." In my recent blog post at Where Is Stylish Karen, I've mentioned that "the young director’s short film entitled TheRapist was cited as among the Most Popular Films and Best Short Films at the International Film Festival Manhattan (IFFM) in New York. It has since debuted online over Singapore-based indie-film portal Viddsee, where it was the featured film in December 2013, and where, more recently, it was shortlisted as among the Best Short Films in Asia." 

Now Maria Diane Ventura has also garnered accolades with her first feature film. "Diane’s first feature-length work, Mulat “Awaken”, just bagged her the Best Director for Global Feature award, and as well as Best Actor for Jake Cuenca, at the Manhattan Festival in New York last 2014. According to Manila Times, “the film was also a recipient of the 7th Ani ng Dangal for Artistic Excellence Award from the NCCA.” It includes an accolade as Best Narrative Feature at the recently concluded World Cinema Festival in Brazil. It also includes Best Actor award for Jake Cuenca. The movie entitled Mulat “Awaken” was also a finalist in the 2014 Metro Manila Film Festival New Wave Film Category."

The young director is a former music and events producer and it helped her create amazing films with world-class quality in terms of artistic execution, cinematography and narration. Since Diane has decided to collaborate with global film entities, you'll definitely find her next projects filled with foreign actors. That is one way of promoting multinational talents, something that she really wants to do.

At present, many of the followers and avid fans of Maria Diane Ventura are excited to watch her second full length film, with the working title Deine Forbe (Your Color). According to her, the project is a socio-political drama with dark comedy undertones that will feature top talents from New York and Germany.

Wedding Pathway Decor Ideas

I'm so inspired to write about wedding decors today. When I look at photos at Pexels or even at Pinterest, I'm really thrilled with each one. After all, it involves flowers. Who wouldn't feel happy with all the beautiful wedding decor posted online?

The first one is composed of flowers in different colors. It's like you have a glimpse of heaven in an instant. The backdrop is also very enticing. Truly, nature is already a part of something beautiful in  a wedding decor.

If you look at the second photo, you'll immediately feel the cohesiveness of the design, including the subtlety of the colors and as well as the background.

These photos provide vibrant atmosphere for happy thoughts. What will inspire you to move on from  a very bad day? Let me know in the comments below. 💗

How to Style Bell Sleeves Top | Karen Closs on YouTube 2018

There are many well-designed clothes that are perfect for styling sessions. Since I love fashion, I always have the best clothing pieces for styling. It's my hobby to collect these types of clothes for so many years. In this blog post, I would like to share how to style bell sleeves top. I've already shared this on my YouTube Channel. Here it is:

The way I styled this is really simple. Through my orange shorts, I was able to let the bell sleeves top to stand out prominently and provide a really chic silhouette. After all, the blouse is already too massive so I need something to harmonize it.

To complete the outfit, I donned a pair of light pink wedges. These are my favorite pieces these days because it's comfortable, stylish and functional. Obviously, I can wear it the whole day.

Top Five Unique and Useful Beauty and Fashion Products that I Love This Year

Are you fond of sorting out your beauty and fashion products on a regular basis? As for me, I usually check what I have in my closet and maintain a regular inventory of the things that I own lately. There are things that should be replaced, kept and even donated to others.

Lately, I've documented my top 5 unique and useful beauty and fashion products that I love this 2018. Whether you're a perennial style lover or a new fashion follower, these fabulous items will surely inspire you.

1. Pink Sweater with Bell Shape Sleeves

One of my hobbies is to find unique fashion pieces in my favorite shopping stores and every time I travel. Lately, I had a thrift shopping spree with my husband. He found a really chic sweater and he immediately told me to buy it. This piece is usually mentioned in my YouTube Channel, Karen Lopez Vlog, so some of you may be familiar with this. He knows that I love pink and the item will surely attract my attention. So without even asking the price, I bought the item quickly. I'm afraid someone will buy it ahead of me.

2. Canvas Avenue Handcrafted Wooden Earrings

Many people love unique and handcrafted items that are created by talented individuals. If you're fond of unique fashion pieces, you can check Canvas Avenue since they have really stylish items for fashion lovers. Through their website, I found these gorgeous handcrafted wooden earrings. 

The Popsickle Earrings look extraordinary since it was created with timeless design in mind with the little details you can find it it. On the other hand, I can't let go of the Heart Earrings since it has pink shades in it. Luckily, they have enough stocks or else I will feel totally heartbroken to know it's hard to find it in their online store.

3. L'Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation

Since I love fashion, wearing simple makeup comes with it. Nowadays, this L'Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation is really useful and unique since it matches with my skin tone. Every time I need a reliable foundation, this is the product that I usually use.  I've bought a lot of foundation products but this one is the best so far. Aside from that, this is really affordable for me.

4. White Handbag

Handbags make an outfit pop, especially if the look is a little bit minimalist. On my part, I love wearing colorful outfits so my bag should be classy and in neutral colors. Basically, my white handbag is perfect for any look since it is really simple. It is also unique because the design is not so big and not so small, just the right size for a fashion lover like me. 

5. Pink Ice Watch

My friend, Aisie, gave me this pink Ice watch as a gift. She also gave one to Iris, our common friend. The packaging is really chic and fancy that is perfect for safekeeping the watch. If you'll not use the box to store the watch after using it, you can transform it into a coin bank. In addition, the color is totally amazing so I really love the product.

What are your favorite products this year? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Take care and good luck! 💓