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Ways to Add Extra Volume to Your Hair

Flat lifeless locks are a real possibility that just about everyone has to manage. Regardless of whether you have fine strands or thick tresses, insufficient volume transpires with the very best of us. Before you decide to schedule a vacation to the local blowdry bar, have a look at these attempted and true volumizing methods. With some practice along with a couple of styling products, you will be on the right path to mastering a beauty salon-worthy blowout. Keep scrolling to understand how.

While using correct shampoo and conditioner, it can produce a realm of a positive change with regards to adding volume for your hair extensions. For larger, more luscious locks make sure to search for shampoos and conditioners that enhance hair's volume. These items won't weigh hair lower when the time comes to blow dry and elegance. John Frieda's Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo and Conditioner are our go-to products within this department.

Gorgeous Remy Hair in Dark Auburn

Despite the fact that visiting the local blow dry bar sounds infinitely simpler, we recommend polishing your blow-drying skills. This really is ultimately the most crucial part of your volume-achieving escapades! Start by spraying volumizing hairspray directly on your roots. Next, switch hair over and rough-work upside lower together with your hair dryer. When your hair will get to become more moist than wet, stand support and grab your round brush. Continue blow-drying hair from root to tip, concentrating totally on lifting hair in the roots.

Rollers, whether they're hot rollers or Velcro, do wonders with regards to adding volume for your hair. When your locks are totally dry, start taking parts of hair and moving them to your rollers. I would recommend using a minimum of one-inch rollers (the larger the rollers the greater your hair!). Leave the rollers set for about ten minutes. We usually leave rollers all the while we all do our makeup, and take away them when finished.

Dirty hair isn't always bad. Second day hair weave has a tendency to style simpler and hold curl (or volume) better still than clean hair. The secret to adding volume to second day locks are dry shampoo. Besides dry shampoo hide any undesirable oil but additionally helps you to raise your roots back to voluminous perfection. They aren't kidding once they state that dry shampoo is really a girl's closest friend.

Ways to Get the Perfect Engagement Ring You Would Like

Would you hear wedding bells sounding and currently have the right wedding gown selected out? Do you might also need one little snag? That means you’re still waiting to obtain the ideal diamond yellow gold oval engagement rings.

A number of you might be pleased with any ring you're given as lengthy when you are engaged towards the passion for your existence. A number of you may decide a diamond ring to complement the kind you've imagined about because you were a young child. In either case here's ways to get the one which you want.

A beautiful engagement ring

Because of so many styles to select from, picking the right diamond engagement ring is really a hard process. Due to this, chances are that you simply partner asks your nearest and dearest for help. Knowing which diamond engagement ring you would like, or perhaps come with an inkling of the kind of style your lover should select, enable your buddies and family know.

Regardless of whether you create a bold statement by doing this, or simply leave subtle hints throughout the house, a great method of getting the rose gold morganite ring that you would like.
If you go searching for the greater subtle option we'd suggest departing the ring you would like up on your pc screen or circled inside a magazine. If you are planning for any bolder option you are able to leave the photo from the ring like a bookmark for him to uncover as he next would go to read, or perhaps his wallet. It doesn’t matter that you simply choose, many of these ideas are certain to get his attention.

Should you ever possess a conversation in which you discuss marriage, that you simply inevitably will, we recommend mentioning whether you need to choose your ring together or otherwise. Selecting a diamond ring together is among the how to make certain you finish track of a diamond ring that you'll love.

To begin with, don’t panic! Simply because you weren't because of the ring that you simply envisioned putting on throughout your existence, it doesn’t simply that you won’t adore it later on. You can definitely, following a couple of times of considering it, you'd still prefer to modify your ring this really is list of positive actions.

First of all, inform your fiancé. We all know that this is often hard while you don't wish to insult your fiancé’s selection of ring, but don't forget that in the finish during the day your fiancé won’t wish to spend lots of money on the ring that you simply don’t love same goes with appreciate you telling him too.

Next, you need to make certain that you simply keep the fiancé informed. Possibly suggest that you could design the ring together. This way he'll seem like his opinion continues to be valued if he's thinking about assisting you find other discount moissanite engagement rings.

The Benefits of Having a Pet Dog

There many people who love taking care of dogs. For dog lovers, life is amazing. Whether you're a student, a housekeeper or a young professional, these advantages of having a pet dog are totally inspiring.

1. It can greatly improve your health. I'm very lazy when it comes to going outside every morning. Since I work late at night, I also wake up late. My dog, Enzo, will still patiently wait for me every morning so that we can go outside for a walk. How can I refuse my dog for a morning walk? It increases my stamina to start the day so it is beneficial for me and my furry baby.

2. Dogs decreases stress levels. I always see my dog smiling at me. At times when I really feel bad, I'll just forget about what happened and play with him. It makes me forget that I was angry and just move on for the next task. Honestly, having a pet dog changed my behavior during stressful days. I became well-adjusted and my attitude is really awesome.

3. You will have a healthier heart. These days, studies have shown that petting a dog lowers a person’s heart rate. I always move around because of my dog, laughing and playing with him. It makes me active and healthy all the time.

4. Having a pet dog eradicates depression. I used to be a depressed person because of the things that happened in my life. When I adopted Enzo and Ice, things changed for me. I no longer allow outside factors to control my life. I only focus with my goals and ignore the barriers along the way. I laugh out loud and stay positive.

5. Dogs are good companions. I always consider Enzo as my ally, my guard and my friend. He is a very smart dog. I trained him to be one. He accompanied me during those times that I have to be alone, especially when Ice died two years ago. He even saved me from a venomous snake, giving us a warning that it already breached our place.

6. Dogs make you feel safer. It is true that my dog is huge. He is usually bigger than he is now, I just think that he shouldn't be overweight to maintain his health. I know he committed himself to protect me at all cost. Before I go outside the house, I always repeat the decree for my beloved pet, "Take care of the house and everything in it. I love you, Enzo."

With these inspiring benefits of having a pet dog, I hope you learned something. Since 2017 is almost saying goodbye, me and my dog wishes you a Happy New Year. Cheers!

Kim Kardashian West Notable Appearance for The Second Season of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian

The focus of this post is not really Kim Kardashian West but the second season of Revenge Body, a show spearheaded by her sister Khloe Kardashian. I'm a huge Kim Kardashian West fan so I decided to make it that way.

On January 8, 2018 at 10pm, the second season of Revenge Body will start to be shown on television. Please check E Online post for the list of participants and photos. For a sneak peak of the series, check E Online videos online. Here is the press release for the show.

Philippines – December 14, 2017 – E!’s inspirational transformation series Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian returns for season two on Monday, 8 January at 10pm. With the help of model and TV personality Khloé Kardashian, author of the New York Times bestselling book Strong Looks Better Naked, and her team of fitness, style and beauty experts, participants get the individualized help and encouragement to transform into the person they always dreamed of becoming inside and out.

During this eight-episode season, famous celebs stop by to provide advice and tough love, including pop-culture icon Kim Kardashian West. This original unscripted series is produced by Khlomoney Entertainment, Rogue Atlas Productions in association with Lionsgate and Ryan Seacrest Productions.  Eli Frankel, Khloé Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest and Larissa Matsson serve as executive producers.

This season, 17 men and women commit to a physically and emotionally challenging journey to prove to themselves and those who have been negative forces in their lives that they’re worthy of love and respect.  People from all walks of life confront their past, present, and future and reveal what has brought them to this pivotal point in their lives.  Whether these men and women have experienced bullying, are trying to mend relationships, or facing any other tough challenges, Khloé – who has overcome her own body issues – is there to help and will meet and check in with the participants throughout their entire process.

Khloé personally gets to know them, finds out what has broken them down, and gives them the tools they need to build themselves back up.  From an honorably discharged military veteran struggling with the loss of his identity, to newlyweds who want to get healthy before starting a family, each episode will feature everyday people tackling what’s holding them back from being the best they can be.  However, even with the best intentions, not every journey is smooth, and not everyone makes it across the finish line.

Meet the Trainers:   


Gunnar Peterson:

Gunnar is a Beverly Hills-based personal trainer whose clients include celebrities, professional athletes, and everyday people.  His "do it right or do it over" approach to fitness focuses on achieving long-term results through challenging and constantly varied workouts.

Harley Pasternak:

A seven-time bestselling nutrition and fitness author and former military exercise scientist, Harley boasts one of the biggest celebrity rosters in the business and has clients follow the “Body Reset Diet” to get lean and stay lean. 

Simone De La Rue:

Simone is one of Hollywood's hottest celebrity trainers.  Her clients include Oscar® and Grammy® winners, super models and yummy mummies.  She is the creator of Body By Simone with three studios on the east and west coast, she is also author of the Eight-Week Total Body Transformation. 

Corey Calliet:

Corey’s cutting-edge training style, known as “The Calliet Way,” pulls from athletic strength and conditioning techniques and professional bodybuilding fundamentals.  With the desire to make his clients look amazing, his no-nonsense, and no turning back method has proven results with his A-list clients.

Latreal Mitchell:

Latreal is one of the top celebrity fitness trainers in the industry.  Her tough love approach to her fitness methodology yields chiseled and sculpted bodies.  

Luke Milton:

A former professional rugby player from Australia, Luke is a huge advocate of living a healthy lifestyle and having a laugh with your mates to get the most out of your workout.  His fitness studio, Training Mate, is an extension of that positive team environment where he helps his clients achieve a healthy lifestyle through physical, social and mental health. 
Lacey Stone:

Creator of “The Stone Method” and “8 Weeks to Change,” Lacey is focused on invoking a real lifestyle change for her clients.  Fitness therapy is what she calls it, starting in the mind, down to their social environment, ensuring her clients are prepared and ready for the physical change.  She says if the mindset isn’t right, the lifestyle change will never happen.


Aaron Williamson:

Upon returning to the United States after years in Iraq, military veteran Aaron jumped knee-deep into fitness to fulfill his dream to compete as a bodybuilder and coach athletes.  In the process, he found himself in an entirely new and amazing journey.  Aaron now offers comprehensive fitness training to celebrities and athletes around the world.

Ashley Borden:

A fitness and lifestyle consultant to Hollywood A-List crowd and world-class athletes, Ashley’s unique approach to fitness can be attributed to having tackled her own struggles, transforming them into a positive philosophy and dynamic training program – making her one of the most sought-after experts in her field.  
Nicole Winhoffer: 

Created to sculpt your curves and free your spirit, Nicole’s dynamic and original workout method delivers powerful results.  Inspired by art, dance, fashion, music and eastern philosophy, the NW™ (Nicole Winhoffer) method uses rhythmic movement to empower and strengthen your authentic self.
Eli Frankel, Khloé Kardashian, Kris Jenner, Ryan Seacrest and Larissa Matsson are Executive Producers for Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, which is produced by Khlomoney Entertainment, Rogue Atlas Productions in association with Lionsgate Television and Ryan Seacrest Productions. 

How To Wear Choir Attire For Sunday Meetings

The fashion world is composed of many parts and each one is very interesting. Do you think the fashion industry would be considered so remarkable without the different ways to look stylish? Let's be supportive here by reconsidering some of the unique ways to look good. What about the best clothes for Sunday activities? We'll count it in.

Today, I would like to share with you my choir attire, a Sunday's best look for an active church-goer like me. I preferred a simple black, sleeveless dress to pair with the chic blouse because the silhouette is perfect. For me, this is even effortless because I don't have to wear additional accessories. The awesome color combination of the top is already amazing.

So how do you wear a choir attire during Sunday meetings? Let me share my styling tips.

1.  Think about the design of your clothes. The top that I'm using in this event was only given to me a day before our choir presentation. When I saw the blouse, I realized it is a little bit bulky so I decided to wear a black dress that is figure-hugging so I can accommodate the massive design of the stylish top.

2. Opt for a black canvass or make black the dominant color. It was easier for me to show off the look because I already have a black dress to team with the top seamlessly. As a result, the blouse stands out so amazingly, without even putting more efforts into it.

3. Choose a pair of heeled shoes. Here, I just wear my Topshop black shoes so it would be easy for me to walk around. It is a block-heeled item so it's perfect for the activity.

If you're an active participant of a choir group, you'll always look forward to the look that you will have in every presentation. That is how I feel when I received my uniform. It is such an amazing experience.

Thank you for supporting my blog for all these years. I had a simple birthday celebration yesterday and I'm really grateful to those who greeted me. My Facebook account is full of hearts for my birthday, thanks everyone. You can also "Like" my Facebook Page to read my other posts via Facebook.

Tips To Have a Beautiful Skin With Manuka Honey White Mask Soap

Tammy, a public relations specialist and founder of Honey Berry brand in Thailand, sent a package to me upon my request so that I can first try the first makeup and sunscreen cleansing soap mask from Thailand named Manuka Honey White before I write a review of the product and feature it here at Karen Ezine. She happily obliged to my suggestion and even patiently helped me get the product smoothly at the Post Office by sending me occasional tracking status reports.

I'm so interested to feature this product because Tammy and I have a common story - we belong to the late bloomers club - the ugly ducklings who tried hard to become swans. I'm not saying that I'm a "swan" these days but at least I know that I look better now than before. It hurts so much to be nicknamed ugly and too thin - probably one of the reasons why X left me? Probably. Ah, let me know if you want me to blog about it. Game. I admit, I look too horrible then. Tammy's story inspired me to be more confident and apply the lessons that I learned about skincare. Thanks to her, the CEO of Honey Berry brand in Thailand, that I became more determined to keep up.

 Manuka Honey White

"Manuka Honey White" by Honey Berry (Thailand) recommended innovative "Manuka Honey White" facial cleanser in skin structure levels. A multitude of skin problems with innovative Micellar cleansing water blended in soap, Nano-particles to absorb sunscreen, and impurities on the face that are the causes of acne and wrinkles without damaging the skin and does not even irritate the skin. The skin with acne will not be irritated because the soap comes with anti-acne formula and intensive extracts that can inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause acne and also nourish and heal acne inflammatory skin as a gentle skincare product. It also provides smooth, clear, acne-free, soft touch skin conditions.

The unique features of makeup and sunscreen cleansing are not just like that. Simply, the skin cleansing technology of the skin ensures that your skin is clean and bright. No residue, which is the cause of acne and wrinkles. This soap comes with the extract of honey from the Premium Manuka honey, which the research of many nations recognized as the best honey in the world hence it contains more antioxidants than general honey, which directly affects the skin and helps to heal acne inflammatory skin and also reduce the wrinkles. As well as stimulate your skin to brighten your skin. The extract and formula are imported directly from a world-class laboratory in New Zealand, where honey is selected from organic farms and harvested during the best duration of the year, only 7
days a year, to become a Manuka Honey White Mask Soap. We designed the mask soap following a Mesotherapy treatment. 

In general, Mesotherapy will come with multivitamin to boost the skin immediate lively. It will open the gaps between skin structures and push those multi-vitamin formula to the facial skin. Manuka Honey White soap, we use the same principle by coming with multi-vitamin more than 100 vitamins and use advanced technology to deliver the intensive extract into your skin and remove the dirt out from your skin. You will make sure that the high antioxidants of well-known Manuka honey and hundreds of premium multi-vitamins are pushed deep to the skin structure. All extracts are very concentrated. The skin is stimulated to shine out from the inside indeed.

Just for the first time, you could feel your skin becomes clear, softer than you've ever felt before even rough skin. The product also helps relieve dark spots and freckles and also provides clear and acne free includes eliminate wrinkles under eyes to moisten up. Makes your skin bright and shine naturally.

Buy now at leading pharmacies store in your country or order online at Facebook @honeyberrysoap or LINE @honeyberry Or order by phone call +6662-459-4261.

User Trials Results in Thailand

Based on the results stated above, it is really amazing to know that Manuka Honey White is a perfect product for maintaining a healthy skin. It also reduces wrinkles, something that we really like to experience these days. 

5 Ways to Boost Your Look Using Facial Cream Efficiently

Have you ever wondered why a lot of people use their skincare and say their skincare products are efficient… but not for you; furthermore, you may find yourself in a bad situation such as lots of pimples come up after using that good product that was told by your friends it worked for them. The products that promotes itself that helps treat acne, helps to brighten up skin, whiten freckles, and wrinkles well on any social media and it made you imagine if one day you used it, it would help you get a gorgeous and flawlessly skin, Perfect, isn’t it? Marketing professionals achieve their goal to take the customer at this stage; in contrast, when you use it, you might find that it is not as much efficient as the advertisement mentioned or you expected, or you might get acne, pimple, on the face after using it as a complimentary. 

Another case is it is efficient in the beginning, but in the next few months, it did not see any further skin improvement. These problems, we believe, whether you are a woman or a man, teenage or middle age or got acne or not. If you have applied any skincare products, we are confidence you must have encountered the problem mentioned above in your life.

Are you fed up with this type of skin cycle? Have you ever figured out how to solve these problems you are facing? Even though we know that the results will vary depending on the skin type of the individual. But believe that you can make these problems better in a less expensive way. Today, cosmetics and sunscreen makeup remover cleansing soap from "Manuka Honey White" would like to give you tips to help your skincare products to be more efficient again and effect faster and help to balance the strength of the skin at the skin structure level to be ready to receive all kinds of nourishment. Let's see what it is.

1. Dirt make your skin weak, try Makeup Remover. It is an answer for acne-free

Because clean skin that is ready for nourishing is the first step of having a healthy skin. Whenever your skin is strong and healthy, using of any skincare products becomes more  effective than using it when there is dirt on skin or your skin weak. Clean skin must not just only looks clean from the outside, but it must be thoroughly clean. Believe it or not, there are many people that after washing their face, there are stains, creases, sunscreens, pollution, makeup stains left on their face because the cleansing products are not washed out. Because there is no cleansing technology that absorbs dirt residue on the skin well enough. Makeup Remover is a product designed to help cleanse the skin. Wipe up stains, sweat, stains, creams, makeup stains, grease, and protein stains. If these stains left on
the skin, these stains are the ones that make your skin dull and not clear. And may be become the cause of acne. Makeup removers are the right products for everyone.

Normally dry skin is recommended for use as a cream or lotion type. The oily skin is recommended to use water or gel type to reduce excess blockages and removers on the skin. Nowadays, people with very dry skin get too much oil on skin from the makeup remover product that was not washed out properly. This cause severe acne or allergies. So Make Up Cleansing is the answer to these kind of issues. See also that you can easily avoid acne skin problems by not neglecting the use of Makeup Remover before washing the face then followed by soap or foam. It was completed the cleaning process. Get ready for the next step moisturizing. If you do not like the double cleansing as needs to first remove by using Makeup Remover, followed by soap or foam face wash. Let's look for a
make-up remover with soap within that has its ability to wash your make up and sunscreen with the advanced technology that can erase the dirt, makeup and sunscreen. Just like this, your skin will be clean, clear, away from acne and wrinkle problem.

2. If the cream you use is not working anymore. Let's try masking.

Every day, your skin is exposed to pollution, dust, smoke, light, neon, and heat. These pollutants are the ones that destroy collagen in your skin. This does not include stress from studying and working includes family problems, which might results in total hormones defects. Your skin might be dull skin and not bright and lead to wrinkle. Physical and mental pollution can damage the skin. You cannot escape this; even you trap yourself  in a dark room. You cannot escape the skin problem. Increasing age every day is one of the degrading skin. You know you cannot run away from aging, so we have to look for a way to cope up with the skin problem and bring the skin's brightness and youthful back
every day. It's not easy but not too difficult to do it. Just find a good nourishing mask. Or take our soap to nourish and mix with other ingredients such as vitamin C powder or smashed tomato, then leave for 2 minutes, it will make your skin more clear and moist. Look for the soap that designed for masking will save your daily skin care. Try Manuka Honey White Soap Mask that is designed for masking.

3. Are you skin Dull? Why don’t you try scrubbing it?

Even using good skincare, but your face is still dull, not clear, maybe because of the increasing of your age every day that stimulate the skin cells to slow down the skin circulation. Or maybe because washing your face is not clean enough and accidentally left behind dirt like sunblock and make up and this caused skin dull as well. Try scrubbing your face once a week by mix the mask soap with blended cucumber and rub it on your face. The soft texture and the benefits of cucumber are gentler for your skin care than the sharp material, which can cause irritation and acne. Now you know that, right? Just select the material that will be smeared with the surface. Do not just think about anything you can use. You only have one face. And if you lose, that means you have to pay for the treatment to get your skin as it was at great prices. If unfortunately, you may not get any beautiful skin back. Every time you select a product to use, be sure that product really good. Every time you scrub, you need to know that it might cause your skin dryer, so you need to choose moisturizing soap that is designed for masking and scrubbing. Manuka Honey White Soap Mask is designed for daily scrubbing.

4. Get some facial massage to boost shining skin

Facial massage stimulates radiance to the skin. It is the basic of beauty treatment you know that. But if you got Botox or filler injection, facial massage may not be suitable for you because it may cause the injected substance to deteriorate and spread to other areas. But still your skin needs nourishment for shine? The answer is yes. Therefore, while you are washing the face, try a gentle massage around the face. In addition to being able to pull the dirt out of the pores well, it also stimulates the skin's radiance as well. But you have to be sure that it is really concentrated soap to get to that level of massage result.

Because if you use the foam or conventional soap to your face for a longer time, even just only 1 minute, your skin may be dry, peeling out and irritated because it interfere with the skin too much. Every kind of soap has a concentration of extract not equal to each other. You should choose a good product when applied to the surface. You can mix soap foam with baby oil and massage the face as well. This will make sure that you don’t get oil excessively on skin surface that may cause of acne. Try Manuka Honey White soap that is designed like Mesotherapy Treatment. The soap bar is full of rich and premium extracts that will nourish to your skin while massaging.

5. Don't forget to wash make-up brushes and make-up accessories

Did you know that makeup brushes, puffs, sponges that you apply to your face have more hidden bacteria than you can imagine? As well as the computer keyboard, it is. One study says the keyboard is as dirty as a toilet flush. Now you might understand why we should wash the make up brush. You may think that the brushes are not that dirty. It's impossible. Try imagining that every day you face a lot of pollution, dust, sweat, heat, bacteria, so many dirt floating onto your face. Then we use our make up brush and get the dirt out of our face. Make up accessories become a source of bacillus that causes acne itself. Now you can understand that the brush that does not wash is like a house of bacteria. Then we touched our face with it every day. Let's find a removable make-up remover to wash a brush. Then followed by a soap or foaming cleanser. Then you will find that you might have less acne. If you are a lazy one, let's find products that are both make-up remover and a built-in soap. It is both convenient and prevents acne as well. Manuka Honey White Soap Mask is designed to remove the makeup, so you can use as makeup brush cleanser as well.

6. If you are lazy one, we praise your laziness with this soap.

We know that you don’t like the complicated procedure and you don’t have time to spend scrubbing, masking and massaging daily. Manuka Honey white Soap Mask will give you a gorgeous way to be beauty. Just use soft foam and rub or massage on to your skin.

Our soap is clean and pure; also not make your face prematurely. The product provides bright and clear face also free of acne and wrinkles. Soap that be both cosmetic remover soap, mask, scrub, massage and nourishment plus brush cleanser. If you not try it today, considered a missed opportunity to enhance the beauty of the skin at the skin structure level.

For more information, please contact:

Tammy, PR Executive
Email: woraluk_homprasert@hotmail.com
Tel. +6662 459 4261