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Top 10 Reasons to be a Guest at Meranti Hotel in Quezon City

We know that the travel industry is very popular nowadays. Many people are excited to visit different places with their family and friends. There are also individuals who want to experience solo travel for a change. Obviously, traveling has become a way of life. No wonder many passionate entrepreneurs find ways to provide top-notch hotel accommodation services to cater to the needs of many people who travel a lot.

One of the most popular hotels today is Meranti Hotel. It has provided comfort, happiness and luxury to all its guests. For those who haven't tried staying there, I've gathered the top 10 reasons to be a guest at Meranti Hotel to inspire you.

1. The boutique hotel is nestled in a prime location.

Meranti Hotel is located at 82 Sct. Castor Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City, Philippines. Since Quezon City is described as the "home of the stars" by many people, you'll feel the warmth, comfort and luxury while staying in the hotel. With its prime location a…
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How to Style Orange Pants

In this blog, I'll share three looks that I recently created on how to style orange trousers. The material is actually for my YouTube Channel, Karen Closs. Here are inspiring ways to style a pair of orange pants.

1. Orange + Pink

2. Orange + White

3. Orange + Black

The clothing pieces that I used to style my orange trousers are part of my collection of favorite blouses. Some are found at my fave thrift stores. To neutralize the looks, I just donned a pair of black heels. With my simple hairstyle and orange lipstick, I was able to transport a bight-hued clothing piece into fabulous looks.

Award Winning Filmmaker and Writer, Maria Diane Ventura

The legions of fans of the movies, TheRapist and Mulat "Awaken" have been rallying behind the award winning director and writer, Maria Diane Ventura these days. They've supported her internationally-acclaimed films with enthusiasm ever since it debuted online and in any other platform. Well, it's not surprising since she entered the entertainment scene with her extraordinary, award winning projects.

In my new lifestyle blog, I've featured her undeniable presence in the world of film-making and as well as how I came to know more about her. By writing a post about Maria Diane Ventura, Award Winning Director and Writer in the said blog, I can say that I'm really one of her fans. Honestly, I love her movie, Mulat "Awaken" since I'm a follower of unique, thought-provoking and entertaining films.
Maria Diane Ventura became prominent in the writing and film-making industry due to her extraordinary films, TheRapist and Mulat "Awaken." In my re…

Wedding Pathway Decor Ideas

I'm so inspired to write about wedding decors today. When I look at photos at Pexels or even at Pinterest, I'm really thrilled with each one. After all, it involves flowers. Who wouldn't feel happy with all the beautiful wedding decor posted online?

The first one is composed of flowers in different colors. It's like you have a glimpse of heaven in an instant. The backdrop is also very enticing. Truly, nature is already a part of something beautiful in  a wedding decor.
If you look at the second photo, you'll immediately feel the cohesiveness of the design, including the subtlety of the colors and as well as the background.
These photos provide vibrant atmosphere for happy thoughts. What will inspire you to move on from  a very bad day? Let me know in the comments below. 💗