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Time for Myself and Blogging

I know that you've been waiting for my posts these days. I rarely share my thoughts and opinion here. I got sick and was forced to decide so I can continue my career in the corporate world. I need to take a short break.

Luckily, I still have work to do when I come back here. Blogging is really a real hobby for me. My friends find it weird if I don't post often so I made sure I'm doing it today. After having some studies about guitar center okc and creating my online shop, I also read a few articles about fashion. You know that I usually do it everyday.

I feel better after trying all kinds of medicines for my cough. I had a hard time adjusting to my new job so stress from the daily grind changed me. No wonder I have to prioritize taking care of myself now. I want to accomplish a lot nowadays and to catch up with everything.

Dining at C & L Sea View Hotel in Dipolog City

I haven't shown you the photos of my experience in dining at C & L Sea View Hotel in Dipolog City. The place is so popular in downtown Dipolog knowing that it's located just across Lee Plaza - all you have to do is to walk a few steps!

To give you an idea of the food they're serving, which are mostly Filipino dishes with a mix of Asian cuisine, I'll share the photos here.

We liked the taste of the food since it isn't too spicy. Personally, I don't like salty food. It should be cooked with the right amount of taste so I can savor it. Here, my favorite is the Sotanghon because it's just perfect. I ended up bringing the leftover after dining there.

It's also very affordable. For less than twelve diners, we ordered just perfectly because all of us really enjoyed it and we only paid less than P1,500.00. We had rice to match the dishes and drinks. Overall, it was an amazing dining experience. I'll definitely go back there.

Trip To Manukan Zamboanga del Norte

I was about to take a nap when my friend Iris told me to join them for a quick trip to Manukan, Zamboanga del Norte. I hesitated at first since I'm really sleepy. I need a quick nap to freshen up. However, I was thinking of the possibility of not going there again. So even if I was too tired to get, I said yes to the invitation.

We just entered the building that is actually a huge chicken emblem if seen outside it. There are many artifacts that art lovers would really appreciate. The paintings are awesome and it will remind you of the rich culture that the place has engraved in the hearts of the people for many years.

The entrance fee to enter the remarkable artwork is only P20.00 at the time we visited it. We had tons of photos there. I was able to record a video and when you search my other blog name Miss Karen Lopez, you'll see it via Google.

I had so much fun. Thanks to Dennis and Iris, I had a chance to see it. Have you visited the place this year? Let me know. Take care!

Sun Life Releases New Set Of Digital Shorts To Inspire Us About Financial Freedom

Top life insurance company marks 4th Financial Independence Month

This is the opportune time to get to know more about financial independence. These days, many people have been clamoring to learn the best ways to manage money. Others are still skeptical about it. No worries. It's even easier to do it now since the efforts shown by Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. to spread awareness about financial literacy is notable.

The number one life insurance company in the Philippines, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc., is marking the 4th Financial Independence Month this June to aid Filipinos break free from the cycle of financial shortage and insecurity. For many people, it's a noble cause that they've been hoping for so many years. Now that it's accessible to all of us, let's start learning more about it.

How did the company came up with a plan to reach out to all of us to talk about handling money? It's probably a long project but it's for all of us to be practical anyway. Here's one way we can think about money management in simple ways.

Sun Life is launching a new collection of its digital films dubbed Sun Shorts to inspire Filipinos to pursue their financial freedom. It will highlight the relationships that make lives #brightertogether. According to Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer Mylene Lopa, "The people we love give us the courage to dream big and the strength to keep going even if sometimes it feels like the odds are against us. Truly, we are brighter together." Sun Life shines a spotlight on these relationships to inspire every Filipino to keep chasing their dreams. Our three new Sun Shorts films 'Waves,' 'She Said, She Said' and 'Sayaw' will present this in stories inspired by the stories of Sun Life clients. Through the Sun Shorts, we hope to show Filipinos how life insurance can help them ease their life's burdens and celebrate their lives' triumphs giving them the opportunity to show the people they love their commitment to a brighter future for them.” This is actually a remarkable strategy to spread awareness about investing money - the opportunity to learn from the clients of the company and their experiences.

“Waves” by Zig Marasigan gives a peek into the mindset of millennials, who are often criticized for adhering to the “YOLO” mindset and not preparing well enough for the future; a young single mom’s journey takes centerstage in “She Said, She Said” by Nic Reyes; while Mihk Vergara will delve into the reality of coping with a long-time marriage that has gone cold in “Sayaw.”

Don't worry, the films will be released on June 7 at, and will also be uploaded on Facebook so it may be easily accessed and shared by viewers. Each film will also come with an explainer video, where Sun Life brand ambassadors Matteo Guidicelli, Judy Ann Santos, and Piolo Pascual will share their thoughts and shed light on how insurance and investments enable us to protect the relationships that matter to us.

It's good to know that Sun Life released its first collection of Sun Shorts in 2012 and the project has been recognized by different prestigious local and international award-giving bodies, which lauded the creative approach to promoting insurance and investment products. It only shows that the company is seriously focused on giving all of us the inspiration and knowledge we needed to be financially independent.

Empowering Filipinos with concrete steps to financial freedom

Financial freedom is obviously a hot topic nowadays. As shared by our favorite motivational speakers, it's always important to be knowledgeable on how we should let our money work for us, instead of working for money as the only solution to become financially stable. As such, we need to learn different ways to invest money.

To complement the new Sun Shorts films and to give Filipinos the opportunity to learn about life insurance and mutual funds, Sun Life will hold a series of activities throughout June as a next step for those who would like to boost their financial journey.

For the millennials, Sun Life will offer a workshop on achieving their travel goals, while moms and dads will be treated to a pampering activity to help put them in the best mindset to create future goals. For details on these activities, visit @sunlifeph on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Meanwhile, for those who prefer to learn at their convenience, Sun Life offers basic financial planning courses in the Brighter Life Institute at Brighter Life.

Aside from that, we also need to be aware of the things we do online, especially those who love to shop through the Internet. Fortunately, Sun Life will also launch PA Armor, an affordable personal accident protection for Filipino online shoppers. Through Sun Life's partnership with Voyager Innovations, Inc., members of the online marketplace Takatack will exclusively enjoy the benefits of this protection.

“This Financial Independence Month, Sun Life reiterates its commitment to Filipinos who are in pursuit of their financial freedom,” Lopa said. “For as long as they have dreams to pursue and relationships to care for, Sun Life will be here for them as their partner in this journey.”

Personally, I'm really elated that the company also empowered us to care for others, especially for our loved ones. When my husband and I took insurance policies for each other ten years ago, I was really hoping that we will be protected from untoward incidents knowing that money is related to life itself. 

Without cash, it's challenging to achieve a balanced lifestyle as there are risks that we need to acknowledge while living with others. If any one of us die, we wouldn't want to leave scars caused by lack of financial preparation. That's what my husband and I thought about that day we signed the insurance papers.

About Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial is a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of insurance, wealth and asset management solutions to individuals and corporate Clients. Sun Life Financial has operations in a number of markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda. As of December 31, 2016, Sun Life Financial had total assets under management of $903 billion. For more information please visit

Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippine (PSE) stock exchanges under the ticker symbol SLF.